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Yamori A (lit. "Gecko A" in Japanese) is one of the unused colossi that did not make it into the final release of the game.

Fumito Ueda briefly mentioned this Colossus during an interview in the artbook about Kuromori, saying: "This Colossus was known as 'The Gecko'. At first, there was great importance attached to the angle with which it stuck to the wall. There was actually another Colossus of a similar type, but I didn't think it made much sense to have two of the same thing in the game, so I cut it down to one".


Yamori A is similar to Kuromori in the sense that it is also a gecko, but it has many unique features. Unlike its counterpart, its top is covered in fur and its legs are armored, indicating that it was not fought the same way. Its feet have three toes and it has a tail split into three parts, which is found in the E3 version of Kuromori's model. Its face also resembles that of Kuromori. It is very likely that Yamori A's model was reused for Kuromori after it was cut.


An extended version of the artbook's Nicknames Interview with Fumito Ueda from the December 2nd, 2005 edition of Famitsu has him briefly go over Yamori A's strategy while talking about Kuromori.[1][2]

"We called it Yamori, but there was actually another Colossus of a similar type. It was a Colossus that'd chase you while you were climbing the walls, and the strategy to defeat it was to grab onto its back with a backward-jump. I figured it'd be pointless to show the same thing twice, so I narrowed it down to one."

Instead of dropping it on the ground, Wander would need to lure it up the wall and jump onto its back, killing it by stabbing the sigil in there.


Yamori A lived at B3, in the unused arena named Sluice.

A lot of team effort by the community digging into the files led to several pieces of evidence being unearthed surrounding the quadrant B3, Sluice and Yamori A.[3] Such as Sluice's chip data, which reflects the models placed in the quadrant, matching perfectly with the low resolution texture of early B3, the textures shown in one of the beta images of B3 matching textures listed under the Sluice's texture segment in the data sheets, and an object named "yamoriA_hill" which contains textures that match with another object, named "sluice_rock".[4]


  • PS3 sheet data reveals that Yamori A had an idol statue in the Shrine of Worship at one point while Griffin and Saru didn't, suggesting it lasted much longer than both of them.
  • Yamori A is one of three unused colossi, the other two being Roc and Phoenix, to have a modern sigil texture listed on its model in the sheets. This was probably because the other Colossi had the sigil separate from the main model, or were simply not added yet.
  • Wander can be seen perched on top of the Colossus in the artbook image (see gallery). It would seem as if that particular screenshot comes from an earlier build where Wander had a blue vest.
    • The description of its picture from the artbook reads as "An early screenshot of Yamori A", suggesting it survived further than this period. It having an idol statue and a modern sigil texture further supports that.
  • Upon closer inspection, Yamori A's head was the exact same or very close in appearance to Kuromori's, with different textures. The early model of Kuromori had a very different head when compared to its final incarnation, making it likely that it received the head from Yamori A after its exclusion.
  • Upon looking into Kuromori's shadow model, it was discovered that its tail was very similar to Yamori A's.
  • The screenshot of Yamori A was taken on the last frame of its shake animation for when Wander is on top of it. In the E3 Demo, Kuromori has the same animation. In later versions the animation was modified.
  • Two damage animations for Kuromori while it is still standing upright were found in the E3 Demo, being removed in later versions. They are named "add_mune_back_damage" (mune = chest) and "add_kosi_back_damage" (kosi = waist), and are likely remnants of Yamori A's animations. This may imply that Yamori had two sigils, one at each end of its back.


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