Yamori_A is one of the unused colossi that did not make it into the final release of the game.

Its existance as a separate colossus and not as an earlier version of Kuromori were proven by a Team Ico developer, and in an Ueda interview in the artbook where he states regarding Kuromori's nickname: "This Colossus was known as 'The Gecko'. At first, there was great importance attached to the angle with which it stuck to the wall. There was actually another Colossus of a similar type, but I didn't think it made much sense to have two of the same thing in the game, so I cut it down to one". Further evidence is Kuromori's developer name which is Yamori_B and not simply Yamori.


Yamori_A is similar to Kuromori in the sense that it is also a gecko, but it has many unique features. Unlike its counterpart, its top is furry and its legs are armored, indicating that it may not have been fought the same way. Its feet have three toes and it has a short tail. Its face resembles that of Kuromori.


Not much is known about Yamori_A. From the screenshot of it, we can see Wander on its back (Although it's hard to see due to the resolution) and a part of its fur which is lighter than the rest, suggesting it's a sigil.


A Team Ico developer stated that Yamori_A never got a final location on the map. The sheets, however, suggests that it did have an arena of some kind, be it just a testing area or completed; it was likely a hill of some kind.


  • According to a Team Ico developer, Yamori_A was almost completed.
  • According to the same Team Ico developer, Ueda had a heated discussion about the inclusion of it, in which Ueda and members of Team Ico had to decide to either include Yamori_A or Cenobia. In the end, Cenobia was decided to be included and Yamori_A was discarded.
  • PS3 sheet data reveals that Yamori_A had an idol statue in the Shrine of Worship at one point while Griffin and Saru didn't, suggesting they were removed much earlier than it.
  • The sheets list a location with the name "YamoriAhill." Found by Naisaga on the BTFL discord.
  • The sheets reveal that Yamori_A had a map icon for when a colossus is defeated, whether this was ever implemented or just a placeholder is unknown.
  • Wander can be seen perched on top of the Colossus in the artbook image (see gallery). Going by his different vest design, it would seem as if Yamori_A was scrapped during the "Blue Vest Beta" sometime around 2004.
  • Upon closer inspection, it looks as though Yamori_A's head is the exact same or at least very similar to Kuromori's head.
  • Upon looking into Kuromori's shadow model, it was found that Kuromori's tail in the shadow model looks exactly like Yamori_A's. It's likely that Yamori_A's shadow model was used for Kuromori after it was removed.
  • If one looks closely at Yamori_A, it appears the screenshot was taken while the colossus was in the middle of it's walk cycle.


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