Worm (or Dionin, its fan-given nickname) is one of the unused colossi that did not make it into the final release of the game.


According to the artbook, "The flower bulb-like section was its weak point." Besides that, there isn't any other information, making this one of the most mysterious unused colossi.

A Team Ico developer stated that Worm didn't have eyes, and sound was used to distract it.


There's no confirmed quadrant for Worm. An anonymous Team Ico developer stated that it lived on the west side of the map.

The location where Worm is believed to have been located is at quadrants B2 and/or C2. In the Preview and PSU Preview demos, a remnant of a desert-like area bordered with cliffs remains at B2, which is believed to be a small leftover of the colossus' arena, however, a Team Ico developer stated that B2 was an old world border and not the arena of Worm.


  • Unlike the names given by fans to Spider and Phoenix, Dionin is not a Welsh word. The nickname is possibly a tribute to the snake god Dionin from the film The Lair of the White Worm.
  • Looking at a screenshot in the gallery below, it looks like Wander is standing on top of something while being very high up. It can be assumed that he was standing on top of Worm, possibly suggesting it was one of the largest colossi.
  • A Team Ico developer has stated that the Worm would always be halfway inside the sand, so the player would never see its entire body.
  • The same developer has also gone on to state that the Worm was at least larger than Dirge, with no defined size other than that.


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