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Valus is the fan name given to the first colossus. Located a short way directly south of the Shrine of Worship, this humanoid colossus makes its home on a flat area accessible only from climbing the vines and ruins dotting a tall cliff.

Path to the colossus

See also: Map for this path

Shadow of the Colossus - 1st Colossus

Video - Valus (path to and battle with)

Holding up the sword outside the Shrine will reveal a path directly south, toward the cliffs already in sight. The cliffs once housed a temple; once the player rides up some front steps into the entrance, a cutscene will play; these scenes are shown for many of the game's early colossi and hint that Wander is going in the right direction. To his right (the west), there are some vines growing on the wall; climb them and make some jumps off of jutting rocks to proceed. Later on, information will show at the bottom of the screen teaching how to do a rolling dodge to get past a fallen tree that is blocking the way. The maneuver is good for avoiding attacks (especially on Hard, where a single stomp or other heavy attack can kill Wander instantly). The player will also learn how to jump off of a ledge they are currently hanging on from and onto another. (Note that this entire section serves as both a climbing tutorial and a means of separating Wander from Agro. This is a common occurrence; of the sixteen colossi, Agro will only be able to make it to five of them - see the chart in the colossi article to see which ones.) After Wander has jumped successfully to the small path to the top of the cliff, walk a little farther south. A cutscene will play: the small trees at the cliff's edge shake as Valus steps forward from the west.


Valus is walking further south from Wander at the beginning, not having noticed him previously. It will acknowledge him eventually, however, when it reaches the south wall and turns back around, so go ahead and get its attention by whistling to it (the same button used to call Agro) or shooting it with an arrow. Dodge its club if it gets a chance to swing it at Wander - one hit with the tree-sized cudgel means instant death on Hard Mode and a severe health loss on Normal.

Valus' right leg is armored, but the back of its left leg is fully exposed. If the sword is equipped, it will reveal something further - a minor sigil slightly further up. These spots are not actual weak points, but they do play an important role in allowing the player to reach higher places. Start climbing the leg and stab the point once over it; the colossus will briefly kneel to the ground, giving Wander a good opportunity to climb to one of the platforms on its back. Use these to rest and recover stamina, but don't get thrown off (crouching helps prevents this).

There are two smaller platforms above the bigger one; Hard Mode players will want to jump off the right one to reach the weakspot on its arm. For Normal, keep climbing to reach its upper back and head; the major sigil will start to glow when Wander holds his sword. The colossus will often buck violently to try and throw Wander off, but keep holding on. If his stamina is low, retreat to its upper back and maintain balance. A few good stabs in the head's weakpoint will finish the first colossus for good.

When it falls to the earth, a layer of darkness will erupt from the fatal wound, covering the colossus from head to feet. Several black tendrils will also pour forth from the same space and head for Wander; they cannot be outrun, and they embed themselves into Wander in seconds, rendering him unconscious. Before he reawakens in the temple, Wander hears Mono's voice again.

Time Attack times in Original and PS3 versions (Normal, Hard): 2:30, 2:50
Time Attack times in PS4 Remake (Normal, Hard): 2:30, 2:45


Location Percentage of health
Normal Hard
On top of its head 100% 50%
On the back of its right arm N/A 50%
On the back of its left leg Used in climbing

Tips and tricks

  • During the cutscene that plays after Wander stabs the minor sigil on its leg and Valus falls down, the player is in complete control of Wander. If one is quick enough and knows what to do, it's possible to run right up to its head and grab on while it's down.
  • It is also possible to use the momentum of Valus' leg shaking to propel oneself onto the ledge on its thigh by temporarily letting go of R1.png and jumping when it levels its leg out somewhat flatly.
  • If timed just right, it is possible to jump onto Valus' large club and use its momentum to launch up to the colossus' head. However, it is very difficult to pull off, so it is best recommended for players that are looking for a real challenge.
  • When Wander is attacking Valus' head, the colossus will often try to throw its head backwards in an attempt to buck him off. Before it does this, however, its head will lower slightly. Stabbing the weakspot during this time with whatever charge Wander has got built up in his stab will cancel the animation and leave him ready for another attempt.


Phase Plays in Music
Intro Plays upon reaching the stairs at the bottom of Valus' arena. Sign of the Colossus

Phase 1 Plays when Valus first sees Wander. Grotesque Figures

Phase 2 Plays once Valus is crippled and kneeling. The Opened Way


  • Valus is the only colossus that is shown to have any form of wildlife near it, as there are several kites continuously circling around its head.
  • Valus is one of only three colossi that wield a weapon, the other two being Gaius and Argus. It is also the only one of the three whose weapon doesn't resemble a sword.
  • Valus is the fourth-shortest of all the colossi.
  • Valus shares physical similarities with Barba and Argus.
  • Valus' roars sound very similar to the bellowing of a bull, reflecting the developer nickname, "Minotaur A".
  • Valus is the most centrally-located of all the colossi, with the absolute center of the Forbidden Lands map being located in the northwestern corner of the Autumn Forest intersection between the longitudinal line between "E" and "F" and the latitudinal line between "4" and "5". The four squares surrounding the center of the Forbidden Lands are therefore E4, E5, F4, and F5; Valus is located within F5.
  • Valus and Gaius are the only colossi with major sigils on their arms. However, those are exclusive to Hard Mode. Argus and Malus come close, but they have minor sigils on their arms, not major.
  • Stabbing Valus in the back of its leg twice will trigger the cutscene where it falls over and the music switches to "The Opened Way". If the player only stabs Valus in the leg once and is quick enough, they can climb up Valus and slay it with "Grotesque Figures" still playing.
  • Valus has received some criticism due to the platforms on its backside. Many fans claim that it's unrealistically convenient for platforms to be built on its back so that it can ultimately be climbed and felled. However, this is somewhat justified by the fact that the colossi are made up of rock, soil, and abandoned architecture, so it makes sense that their design would be somewhat flawed/architectural and consequently, convenient.
  • The early version of Valus' battle was almost identical to Barba's. Wander had to hide under its temple and wait for it to crouch so he could grab the colossus' head.
  • In the Pre-E3 demo while approaching Valus' location, the theme "Lakeside" plays instead of "Sign of the Colossus".
  • An unused intro from Valus was found by Youmoosotc, it reads as: "A giant that walks along the valley... The servant shall rise from behind and make the earth quiver..."
  • In the E3 Demo version, Argus carries Valus' club, likely as a placeholder. There are some minor differences on it.
  • Valus' sigil in the E3 Demo has a lightning effect on it. This is also the case for Celosia and Cenobia.


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