Somebody else wrote a very similar post about the same thing; expect to see some of the same things as on there. However, this is my own spin and will have more and different things.

But anyway, this is a list of what 'the Last Guardian' really needs to have in it. GO!

  • Good Graphics.

=========Well, duh, you say. But remember, this game has been in development since the PS2. I've seen some games suffer from the "started-work-on-an-old-console-then-changed-to-the-next-gen-halfway-through" sydrome, as I so cleverly named it. I just think that this game has to be - if not amazing - at least good enough to compete with other games coming out at the same time. In an artistic game, visuals are everything.

  • Open World

=========Shadow of the Colossus had an amazing world. It was huge, mysterious, filled with secrets, and beautiful. Now, two consoles later, I expect something even better. I want this world to be colossal (see what I did there?). It needs to be diverse, with 'personality', if that makes sence. It has to be filled with secret areas and beautiful scenery. Something you can play a 100 times and then discover an amazing waterfall area that you'd never seen before. Something you can just explore and be immersed in. Also I really want to see more ruins like in the other games. Temples, cathederals, altars, and buildings that no one can even figure out what it was for.

  • Interactive Trico

=========Trico (your giant bird-hyena thing) is pretty cool. But he needs to be super interactive. I want to be able to pet him, give him belly rubs, clean him (wouldn't it be cool if The Boy and Trico could get dirty? And water would clean them?). I want to feed him for sure. Fruit from the trees, meat that I can catch, etc. I want him to drink water. Anything to make the game more immersive.

  • Interactive Boy

=========On the same note as the last one, I want to be able to eat, drink, sit down, etc. Not to much stuff, but just some things to do besides look like a video game character.

  • Different Outfit for The Boy

=========Maybe this one is just me, but I hate the protagonists clothes. Just give him something like Wander or Ico's! Please...

  • Awesome Story

=========This one is obvious, but still. I want a story that is mysterious, and related to the other games somehow. (Not directly, but in the same universe). Theres not much to say for this one, just make a good story.

  • To Come Out Soon!

=========For Pete's sake, its been years. I can't even get it now if it come out for PS4 sad....

So thats it. Leave any of your own ideas here. Thanks!

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