so hello everyone...something just hit me on the head or something, heres what I meant.

You know Trico? that huge griffin from the last guardian,if you look at the pictures, then you find skeletal versions of a griffin, this implies that the griffins were guardians of the ruins before something or someone came and killed all of them but spared Trico. Also for all who played or watched the games, you know that the world is massively religious and also highly corrupt.With jerks like lord Emon and the fact that Ico,s parents left him just because he had horns.also that one kid...I guess that the forces of the Dark queen still lives on,albeit much weaker.Looking for that kid because they know that if he releases the last guardian there civillisation and army is demolished.One final know those strange towers in the newest trailers, It might be hints that they were used in the war against the guardians and led them to their downfall.

that is all for now! if more information is revealed I might make more theories

see ya!

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