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Hey, wouldn't it be cool if, in "The Last Guardian", there was a cameo from Ico, or if Trico had the ability to shoot flames, well that's why this list exists, to make a central place for all of our ideas, so lets dive in.

  1. An open world to explore.
  2. A similar control scheme to "SotC".
  3. A story that not only bridges the gap between "SotC" and "Ico", but a fitting end to the "Ico" storyarch.
  4. Alot of ways to manually interact with "Trico", like petting him, or having him chase you, or feeding him barrels...
  5. Stealth.
  6. The ability to take weapons from guards, weren't you ticked when you couldn't take the crossbow from that knight in "SotC"?

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