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  • I live in Silent Hill, probably
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is full-time Adult™ fangirl
  • I am v stressed at all times

Hey there all, I'm Ozz! I reside in North Carolina as a serious lover of art, video games being probably my favorite form. I'm a long-time Shadow of the Colossus fan, the game essentially blowing my mind the first time I experienced it with its unique style and mysterious storytelling, and I hold interest in both Ico and The Last Guardian as well. My experiences with the games are as follow:

  • Ico: Never seen, never played, but want to. I refrain from editing the game's, Ico's, Yorda's, or the Queen's pages as to avoid main spoilers.
  • Shadow of the Colossus: Pretty much an expert. Beaten approximately 40 times. Played some challenge modes, but do not recall how far I got. My main goal is to earn the white Agro coat. Buying a new disc soon!
  • The Last Guardian: Watched two full playthroughs of the game, but haven't played myself due to not owning the appropriate console. Plan on playing as soon as I've got a PS4 to call my own.

Here on the wiki, you will see me doing a lot of maintenance edits like fixing grammar, formatting, and linking errors, most likely. I'm one of the admins at the Silent Hill wiki (SH2 ties SotC as my all-time favorite game, and the whole series is dear to me) and learned there that it's the little edits that help greatly in making a wiki reputable. I hope to give all I can to the Team Ico wiki!


  • My first exposure to SotC was on a demo disc. I was young and would only dare go so far as Valus' introduction because I was too scared to approach it, aha. But I grew the balls one day, took it down, and boom: I needed more, and the game was soon added to my collection.
  • My favorite colossus overall is Phalanx. My favorite battle is easily Avion, and Cenobia is who I dread most with the long build-up and how one little mistake can get you trapped in a corner to be rammed to death. I'm not a Basaran fan either, as when it stands back up, making sure Wander lands steady on its shell is a pain. Phaedra is my favorite boss aesthetically.
  • I've cried each time I've watched the TLG ending lmao.
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