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Hello, I am HappyIphisAria (aka IphisAria) and I am a fan of Fumito Ueda's three games, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian.

I am an Admin/Bureaucrat, so I am here to help with your editing needs!

My Goal

I wish to provide the Wiki what is necessary to have a thriving community of editors and readers. That said, I will be looking for questions in the Discussion area, as well as in the Community Portal and Community page. I also regularly make announcements and updates to the Wiki-wide messages, so keep an eye out!

I very regularly check the Wiki for revisions to be made, namely those of formatting, spelling, grammar, and sentence-flow issues. My major edits include creating a complete copy of the End Titles for each game (and their various console releases); the most recent was my completion of the credits for The Last Guardian. I am currently working on the end credits for the PS4 release of Shadow of the Colossus. The PS2 and PS3 releases for both Ico and Shadow will follow... eventually.

I am definately not the only person who knows a bit about TeamICO, so I encourage you to reach out to other users; everyone knows something that others don't.

Existing Templates that I Reworked

Ico TemplateLogo Walkthrough
Characters Ico  · Yorda  · The Queen  · Shadow Creatures
Locations The Castle in the Mist
Items Stick  · Spiked Club  · Shining Sword  · Queen's Sword
Gameplay Idol Gates  · Save points  · Runic Language  · Watermellon
Media Ico ~Melody in the Mist~ (OST)  · Official Art and Guide Book  · Ico: Castle in the Mist (Book)
Releases Demo  · PS2 original  · PS3 remaster  · Credits
SotC Template CoverLogov2 Walkthrough
Characters Wander  · Mono  · Agro  · Dormin  · Lord Emon  · Shadow Creatures
Colossi I  · II  · III  · IV  · V · VI  · VII  · VIII  · IX  · X  · XI  · XII  · XIII  · XIV  · XV  · XVI
Locations The Forbidden Lands  · Shrine of Worship
Main Items Power-ups (Lizards · Fruit) · Weapons (Ancient Sword · Sword of the Sun · Queen’s Sword · Sword of Dormin · Bow & Arrow · Ancient Bow · Harpoon of Thunder · Life Sword) · Collectibles (Relics)
Gameplay Hard Mode  · Save shrines  · Time Attack  · Reminiscence Mode  · Watermellon  · Barrel
Media Roar of the Earth (OST)  · Official Art and Guide Book  · Nico Bonus DVD  · Film
Releases Demo  · PS2 original  · PS3 remaster  · PS4 remake  · Credits

New Templates that I Created

TLGtemplatelogo Walkthrough
Characters The Boy  · Trico  · Armored Beasts  · Knights (Yori)  · Master of the Valley
Locations The Nest  · The White Tower
Items The Mirror  · Talismans  · Barrels  · Costumes
Gameplay Easter Egg
Media The Last Guardian (OST)  · Official Art and Guide Book
Releases PS3 development  · PS4 final release  · Credits

"The Forgotten" (almost)

While the below pages found in the TeamICO Wiki are not abandoned, they experience drastically fewer views than most, so I include them here. They are:

Stick, Fur, Moss, White-tailed Lizards, Fish and Eels, Hawks, Doves, Bats, Tortoises, Barrels, The Mirror, Talismans, Costumes, Cursed Wander Skin, Save Shrines, Time Attack, Hard Mode, Umbral Glade, Dried Marsh, Desert Fortress, Stone Arch Gorge, Northern Span, Misty Falls, Ravine Entrance, Round Stone Hill, Half-moon Canyon, Lair to the West, Lair on the Mesa, Western Plain, Stone Bridge Cliff, Cliff Path, Western Cape, Arch Bridge Plain, Blasted Lands, Autumn Forest, Valley Plain, Eastern Bluff, Southwestern Cape, Southern Plain, Green Cape, The Broken Seal, Ico (credits), Shadow of the Colossus (credits), The Last Guardian (credits), Idol Gates, Couches.

Pages of weapons/items such as Flash Arrows, Harpoon of Thunder, Shaman's Cloak, and Lizard Detection Stone may also belong to this category, but they seem to get more edits (and are easier to find) than those in the large list above.

Site Maintenance

Here are some URLs to make maintaning the Wiki easier. Note: All of these I accessed before becoming an Admin, so these are all-user friendly links!

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