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Many locations from Shadow of the Colossus were cut from the game, ranging from the unused colossi's arenas to explorable land.

Unused Locations in the Forbidden Lands

Below is a list of all of the known lands that were placed in the Forbidden Lands map, including a short description, which quadrant they belonged to and what type of location it is. Anything not listed is likely not meant to be explorable, being a beta mountain instead.

Table of Unused Locations by quadrant order
Name Quadrant Type Description
Beta Gravewind walls¹ A4, A5 Explorable Mountains on the west side of Dirge's arena before it was a cave.
Sluice B3 Arena Cave ruins with unknown sluice-like structures inside it. Used to house Yamori A.
Beta Plains¹ B6 Explorable Plains that lead to a cliff edge, they used to connect to the rest of the Blasted Lands before Roc was deleted.
Devil's Plain D2 Arena Structure that was found near Stone Arch Gorge. Used to house Devil.
Hillock D3 Arena A stage that featured something akin to a hill. Used to house Spider.
Badlands D6 Arena A massive crater-like area near Phalanx's Desert and the Blasted Lands. Used to house Roc before Barba replaced it.
Stonehenge E8 Arena Expansive green field filled with stonehenge structures. Used to house Sirius.
Beta F3¹ F3 Explorable Unknown location before Quadratus was moved there.
Beta F8¹ F8 Explorable Mountain wall before the Sanctuary from the final version of Malus was added.
Dune G1 Arena Sandpit located between Celosia's desert and H1. Used to house Worm before Argus replaced it.
H2¹ H2 Explorable Unknown land only seen in the pause menu map from earlier versions of the game. Used to connect 'H1' and 'I2'.
Beta H4¹ H4 Explorable Mountain path leading to four directions that existed before Phoenix was deleted and Avion was moved there.
H5¹ H5 Explorable Unknown land only seen in the pause menu map from earlier versions of the game. Used to connect 'H4' and 'I5'.
I1¹ I1 Arena Strange land with tower-like cliffs and massive square-shaped holes only found by modifying its model version in the preview and earlier versions. It is also seen in the pause menu map. Used to connect to 'H1' and house Evis.
Beta Dam¹ I2 Explorable Mountain path connecting H2 to I3. A massive dam structure is found lodged in the mountains.
Beta Geyser¹ I3 Arena Previous location of Basaran before it was moved to 'D3'.
Crater I4 Arena Volcanic crater that was found after going through the Beta H4. Used to house Phoenix.
I5¹ I5 Explorable Unknown land only seen in the pause menu map from earlier versions of the game. Used to connect 'H6' and 'H5'.
Labyrinth I7 Arena Ruins with complex tunnels leading to the center located on the southeastern plains. Used to house Buddha, the early version of Malus.
Early world borders¹ Various (B2, G0, old I7) Explorable Areas at the border of the world when it used to be bigger and flatter. They were part of the first seamless map very early on in development, before any arenas were laid out on the map.

(¹) Name is not official.

Unused Test Areas

Below is a list of the test areas that were accessible via the debug menu, and were not connected to the Forbidden Lands.

Table of Test Areas by alphabetical order
Name Description
Animal Test Stage The stage for testing the various animals of the Forbidden Lands.
Athretic Test Stage The title is a misspelling of athletic, and as the name suggests, it is a stage for testing Wander's movements.
Colossus Test Stages The colossi stages before they were placed on the seamless map. None of them are accessible in the versions available, the only evidence of their existance being the PS3 data sheets.
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