Screenshot from the Nico DVD with 24 idols in the Shrine of Worship. Every idol is identical to Valus' one.

Fumito Ueda, the creator of Shadow of the Colossus, originally had 48 colossi in mind when planning the game. Realizing that putting in that many colossi was not possible, the number was gradually cut down over time.

Eventually, the number of colossi used in the game became 16, with nine of the unused colossi appearing only in the artbook. Some are quasi-prototype versions of colossi that survived the final version of the game, other designs were discarded to improve game flow, and some were cut for reasons unknown.

Known Unused Colossi

Table of Unused Colossi in alphabetical order
Developers code name Name given by fans Resembles Location
Buffalo* - Unknown -
Devil Pholux Gargoyle H2 (Devil's Plain)
Griffin Kyos Griffin -
Griffin_B* - Unknown -
Kubunaga/Kubinaga* - Unknown -
Phoenix Adar Flam Phoenix I4 (Crater)
Roc Avus Bird of prey B3 (Badlands)
Saru (Monkey) - Monkey ?? (Cave)
Sirius - Boar G7 (Stonehenge)
Spider Aberth Daddy longleg F0 (Valley)
Tobiuo* - Flying fish -
Worm Dionin Worm -
Yamori_A - Gecko ?? (Yamori's Hill)**
Yeti* - Unknown -

(*) denotes unused colossi found through datamining.

(**) denotes unconfirmed information.

Prototype Colossi

Table of Prototype Colossi in alphabetical order
Developers code name

All of these colossi were found thanks to datamining. They're colossi that were cut very early in the game, and their designs were used for other colossi.


External links

Interview with the game the director and project manager, from the official guidebook and artbook.

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