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The Sword of Dormin is the reward for collecting the 79 Gold Coins, the new collectible item added in the PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus. The sword inflicts massive damage, but reduces the rate of Wander's health regeneration. The blade is enveloped in Dormin's shadowy essence and contains a colossus' eye in the hilt. When held up to create the beam of light used for finding colossi, it instead creates a dark, focused beam of a substance identical to Dormin's essence.


After collecting the 79 Gold Coins, the sword can be found by praying at a sparkling square panel on the western side of the Shrine of Worship's exterior, which opens a path into the "basement" of the Shrine. The sword sits within a dark rock. Upon approaching the sword, Dormin's voice can be heard; however, there are no subtitles explaining what is being said.


  • The eye on the sword will change color (from blue to red) if the colossus being fought is hostile or is attacking Wander. However, if the colossus doesn't see Wander, the eye won't change color, and a "dark essence" will cover it instead. Oddly, if underwater, the eye disappears.
  • On the side of the blade there's written "Sword of Dormin" in the same language that Yorda and the Queen spoke in Ico.
  • If an attempt to glitch one's way into the sword's chamber before having all 79 coins, it will not load in due to the developers making it so that any attempts at cheating were futile.
  • The Sword of Dormin is the strongest sword in the game, even stronger than the Queen's Sword, as is demonstrated here.
  • The Sword of Dormin must be unlocked in each new game, though it will remain in one's inventory when starting "New Game+".
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