The homepage of Ed Guyler and his scuba company, "Dive The Deep".

The Sulu Sea eel statue is one of five hoax sites used in the viral marketing campaign for Shadow of the Colossus. First linked to by hub site Giantology on October 10, 2005 (eight days before the game was first released), the hoax revolved around an Australian diver named Ed Guyler, who had discovered what he initially thought to be a gigantic statue (of Hydrus).

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The head of the giant "statue".

October 10, 2005

Underwater Giant

I've written about a few giant creatures that once lived under the water (basilosaurus was the largest), but this new find is in a class by itself.

An Australian divemaster who owns a dive boat in the Philippines has found what appears to be a giant underwater statue of some 300-400 feet long. His site has 2 images, but so far it's hard to make much sense of it all. Though the diver (Ed Guyler) is attempting to document the statue, he doesn't try to answer what it's a statue of.

And frankly, looking at the photos... I'm not so sure I buy his contention that it's a statue. It looks a lot like a fossil to me, of some sort of gigantic eel or squid.

...Whether this is a statue or a real creature is impossible to say - however, coming on the heels of the giant squid footage (remember the reference to the Colossal Squid?), the tsunami creature footage, and the skeleton in Iran... it leads me to believe that it's at least possible this wasn't a statue at all. And if it was a statue, would it have what appear to be bones sticking out? Unless it was intentionally made like that.

Regardless, there are plenty of ancient statues and structures underwater. But this thing is really big. It's as long or longer than the fabled Bimini Road, which itself is thought to be, well, a road... but a statue (or fossil) of this size is twice as big as than the Sphinx, as far as I can tell, totally unheard of.

I just want to make the additional comment that I find it kind of interesting that after 10ish months of doing this blog about the mythology of giants, that suddenly I'm starting to stumble on all kinds of crazy evidence, or at least what appears to be evidence, of real giants never before discovered. I'm probably going to do a separate post on this topic shortly, but I thought it worth mentioning here, given the rapid series of discoveries I've made just by running different web searches and getting emails from interested friends and readers of the blog.

October 20, 2005

Update: Underwater Giant

Ed Guyler has posted an update to his web page about the underwater statue/fossil he found in the Philippines.

It's a link to a scanned-in fax page of a DNA test... which is strange because Guyler initially claimed that he'd found a statue. I thought it looked too organic to be a statue, and it looks like I was right.

The scientist who wrote Guyler back is calling it a giant eel, previously unknown. Maybe it's along the same lines as the giant squid, for years thought to be a fiction, and only now being proven a reality.

Makes you think maybe those ancient maps of the sea were right:

Here there be monsters!

October 27, 2005


A photomontage of the "Underwater Statue".

Photomontage of the Underwater Giant

Ed Guyler is at it again!

He's apparently gone back to the sunken eel/creature/statue thing and taken a series of photos that show it in its entirety.

It's pretty amazing-looking, and if it really is as big as he says (and it's hard to tell the scale from the photo), this thing must be tre-normous. Gi-mendous. Ti-gantic. You get the idea.

Though it's a bit hard to clearly make this thing out, it definitely appears to be the remains of an eel-type creature. There's a DNA test posted on his site that confirms its eel-like nature, however, based on some comments I've received, it's distinctly possible that this is indeed a huge statue that's somehow been coated with organic matter. But frankly that seems ridiculous, and I'm still leaning towards this being an actual fossil. Believe me, from the emails and comments I'm getting, stranger things have been found.

I've sent Guyler an email and am hoping for some kind of response. I'd love his take on my blog and the various recent evidence that I keep getting wind of. If I don't hear back, I even might try calling the number listed on his site, tho I'm a little concerned about LD charges to the Philippines.

Now, lest anyone think I'm an idiot or a patsy, I am indeed investigating all possible claims on the recent evidence I've been receiving from all over the world, including the claims that this is all part of some publicity stunt. However, keep in mind that in just a few short weeks this blog has gone from getting like 1 hit a day (thanks mom!) to anywhere from 500-2000 hits per hour. The sheer volume of information I've been receiving has been nearly impossible to sift through given that I also have a more than full time job. I'm desperately trying to keep up with it all, post releveant [sic] stuff as it comes to my attention, and have a life! Lauren's about ready to kill me!

All this is to say that, I fully intend to post to this blog all of the information and speculation I've been receiving, and in fact this Friday will probably be dropping an unexpected bombshell regarding one of the other recent discoveries you've seen covered in this very blog. Believe me, there is some incredible stuff I haven't had a chance to post that I'm hearing about but most people aren't, simply because I've unexpectedly become the central clearinghouse for, well, all things giant. I guess I asked for it, didn't I?

Ed Guyler's site

Guyler's site, "Dive the Deep SCUBA", features a small photo gallery, a brief "About" section, and a news section - all of which have a big headline at the top of them directing to news of the giant.

Unlike many of the other viral sites, Dive the Deep SCUBA remained online well through August 2006 before being taken down [1].


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