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Stonehenge is the developer name given to the unused arena of Sirius, one of the unused colossi.




Short clip of the arena from the Nico bonus DVD.

A vast green field with multiple rocks scattered around. Several stonehenge-like structures existed, which were used in the fight against the colossus. The arena was also partially surrounded by the ocean, as a cliff edge is seen in the Nico DVD footage and textures from its test stages reveal that it had water, with it becoming separate from the main model after it was implemented into the map.


The arena was likely located at quadrant E8.

Early pictures of E7 and footage of Wander travelling from E6 to E7 show a swirling sky and beam that form above a Colossus arena located on top of E8. The chip data of Stonehenge seems to match the early version of quadrant F8 when placed next to it. Additionally, the textures match the early version of E7 and F8.

Early theories placed it on G7, with the only proof being the stonehenge structure seen at G7 matching the one used in Sirius' fight as described and shown in the artbook. The chip data of Stonehenge, however, doesn't match G7. In an early picture of G7, the stonehenge structure is nowhere to be seen, and G7's unused layer 2 chip data had a model where the stonehenge rock is currently located. This suggests it was moved there temporarily before being implemented in the area's main model. Several other broken stonehenge structures can also be seen throughout the Forbidden Lands.


  • While the stonehenge structure still exists in the final version of the game, it wasn't its original location; the same is also true for Devil's pillars being located in C2 in the final game instead of D2.
  • Stonehenge is named after the prehistoric monument in England of the same name.
  • According to the data sheets, the stonehenge structures were separate destructible objects, example being the texsegs named as "stonehengeB_breaks", which are separated into 11 pieces, with two others being named "stonehengeB_core" and "stonehengeB_roof".
    • They are named in the same manner as the columns and rubble that fall on top of Cenobia near the end of its fight (st15a_towerC2_breaksB, st15a_towerC2_breaksB_core, st15a_poleB_breaksA), and likely acted in a similar manner.
  • There exists an empty texture segment related to this stage named "st18a_event2_test". Events in Shadow of the Colossus usually refer to cutscenes, possibly suggesting that this was a test for the introduction cutscene of Stonehenge.


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