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Ico holding an unlit stick.

The Stick is an item that is used in both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.


The stick is a common item found in the Queen's castle. It is the first weapon available to Ico, but also the weakest. The stick can be used as a tool for lighting bombs and solving puzzles as well. To light the stick, simply bring it to a lit torch or candle and press Button Circle. The flame on the stick will go out automatically if Ico swings the stick, so using fire against the shadow creatures is not possible. The swords found later in the game are much stronger and have the ability to cut ropes, but they, obviously, can't be lit on fire.


Wander using the stick as a torch, scaring Celosia.

Shadow of the Colossus

The stick can also be found by Wander, although it is not truly an item. The stick is only found in Celosia's area and is retrieved by having Celosia ram into one of the various torch platforms lining the walls, or in a more obscure way, shooting a Flash Arrow at one of the platforms. The stick can be lit in a similar fashion to Ico, but it cannot be lit anywhere else and has no purpose other than helping to defeat Celosia.

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