The Shining Sword flying through the window.

The Spiked Club and the Shining Sword are two secret weapons that can be found in the game Ico.

The Spiked Club can only be acquired on the first playthrough of the game, and the Shining Sword can only be obtained on a New Game+, provided that the club was obtained previously. Therefore, it is impossible to have both the Spiked Club and the Shining Sword in one playthrough.

Guide to obtaining either weapon

It's not very difficult to get either of the secret weapons. The first step is finding the secret room, which is in the waterfall area. Next to the watermill in this area, there are stairs that lead to a closed door, and behind those stairs is a switch that can be used to open the previously-mentioned closed door. Inside the newly-opened chamber is a hidden room, opened by pushing a slightly-brighter wall on the lower floor.


ICO - Spiked Club Trophy

A video showing how to obtain the Spiked Club using the "easy" method.

If all this is done, the next step is finding the metal ball and use it. Near the stairs and switch is a small tree that, if hit by Ico, will drop a metal ball that looks like one of the in-game bombs. Pick it up and carry it all the way into the secret room. Inside the room is a large rectangle, shaped like a ring, that will activate upon the presence of Yorda. Once activated, a stone basket will rise from the raised platform in the back of the chamber. Now, Ico must throw the metal ball into the basket, which can take quite a few tries. If it is done, a short cutscene will play in which either weapon mysteriously flies through the window and onto the ground. It can now be picked up and used by Ico.

Ico holding the Spiked Club.

There is, however, a slightly easier method to accomplish this. Before Yorda activates the rectangle on the ground, the player can place the metal ball inside the square from which the basket will rise. When the rectangle is activated, the ball will automatically drop into the basket.

The Spiked Club

The Spiked Club, also referred to as "the Mace" by fans, is a very powerful weapon and much more damaging than the many swords and sticks scattered around the castle. It can disperse shadow creatures with only a few blows and is the best weapon apart from the Queen's Sword and arguably the Shining Sword.

The Shining Sword

The Shining Sword, also nicknamed "the Lightsaber", is an incredibly strong weapon capable of dispersing multiple shadow creatures with a single strike. The sword has a thin, long blade that is light blue in color that seems to glow. It can sweep through multiple enemies and does damage equal to the Queen's Sword.

Ico swinging the shining sword.

However, it does have a unique feature and possible drawback: it has a very small reach, shorter than that of any other weapon in the game, that can be extended to almost eight times its original size if Ico is holding Yorda's hand. While holding Yorda's hand, the sword has the greatest reach of all weapons. Depending on the situation, this can be either beneficial or troublesome.

When swung, the Shining Sword produces a buzzing sound similar to the sound lightsabers from Star Wars make, earning its nickname.


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