Spider (or Aberth, the name given to it by fans) is an unused colossus that was nearly completed. Its name was given by the developers as it looks like a daddy longleg.

Fumito Ueda said the following in an interview about Spider's removal from the game: "Spider was meant to be defeated by slashing it with your sword while riding Agro, but that would have required us to put in a special motion just to battle that Colossus, so I didn’t think it was very elegant [1]."



Shadow of the Colossus - OPM demo compilation

At 0:58, Wander can be seen sweeping his sword on horseback, in the OPM demo.

According to the artbook, "it was defeated by leading it from water to land", so the location of the battle was near a watery area. As stated above, Spider's weak spots were on its legs, and after Wander had hit all six of them, it would have "destroyed its posture" and caused it to fall.

In the OPM and PSU demos of the game, Wander has the ability to swing his sword sideways while on horseback, which was the main way to target its legs. This ability would be removed in all later versions.


Spider is speculated to have lived at F0. The G0 quadrant remains in the Preview and PSU Preview versions of the game, proving the Entrance Temple extended further north during development, it also has a similar landscape to what's seen in Spider's screenshots, as the floor and cliffs seem to be very similar, however no discernible textures can be seen in the screenshots due to their low quality and thus no concrete link can be made. Ueda stated Spider was led "from water to land", removing F2 as a plausible quadrant due to the distinct lack of water or evidence of there ever being water.


  • Ueda stated they couldn't get to 'retranscribing' Spider's strategy in the programming phase.
  • A Team IICo developer confirmed Spider lived at F0, and also stated F0 used to be F1 before the North of the map was cut along with Spider, at which point the whole map was shifted up.
  • According to the same Team ICO developer, Spider was "about the same height as the first Colossus".
  • The swiping motion from Agro's back required for Spider's fight is still in the OPM and PSU Demos of the game.
  • There exists an early design of Spider with long, black tentacles coming from its mouth. This design is likely from an unknown build before Wander had a blue vest. The black tentacles were also found in the sheet data.
  • Spider was "nearly completed" by the time of Shadow of the Colossus' first public debut.
  • Spider had a pulse attack similar to Basaran and Pelagia. A blue ball of light can also be seen glowing in its "mouth" in various screenshots. This was Spider's pulse attack, similar to the ones belonging to Basaran and Pelagia, as confirmed by a Team ICO developer and sheets stating Spider had one.
  • The sheets reveals that Spider had a map icon for when a colossus is defeated, whether this was ever implemented or just a placeholder is unknown.


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