The following is a list of awards, nominations, and other distinctions received by Shadow of the Colossus.


Award Category Outcome Notes
6th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards[1] Best Character Design Won Was also the recipient of one of three Innovation Awards. (The other two were given to Guitar Hero and Nintendogs.)[2]
Best Game Design Won
Best Visual Arts Won
Technology Nominated
Best Game Won
9th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards[3] Overall Game of the Year Nominated
Console Game of the Year Nominated
Outstanding Innovation in Gaming Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Animation Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction Won
Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering Won
Action/Adventure Game of the Year Nominated
2nd Annual CESA Developers Conference[4] Programming Award Won


Award Category Outcome Notes
IGN's Best of 2005 Best Adventure Game Won IGN also later named Agro the #1 sidekick in all of videogaming.[5]
Best Artistic Design Won
Best Original Score Nominated
Most Innovative Design Nominated
Game of the Year Nominated
GameSpot's Best of 2005 Best Original Music Nominated
Best Graphics, Artistic Nominated
Most Aggravating Frame Rate Nominated
Best PS2 Game Nominated Also nominated for the Reader's Choice award for Best PS2 Game.'s 2005 Awards Game of the Year Nominated
Best Adventure Game Won


Award Category Outcome Notes
Famitsu Awards 2005 Special Rookie Award Won Was one of two recipients of this award. (The other award went to Rogue Galaxy.[6])


Various lists ranking Shadow of the Colossus with other games of a certain time or platform. The lists are sorted chronologically; if the list was posted over several days, the date listed is the date Shadow of the Colossus was posted to the list.

List Date Position
GameSpy's Top 10 PS2 Games of 2005 December 15, 2005 5
Eurogamer: Top 50 Games of 2005 December 31, 2005 3
GamesRadar's 20 best games of 2006 December 22, 2006 1's 49 Best Sequel-Less Games May 25, 2007 6
IGN's Top 100 Games of All Time (2007) November 29, 2007 16
IGN: The Top 25 PS2 Games of All Time August 10, 2009 4
Destructoid: The Top 50 Videogames of the Decade November 30, 2009 1
The Guardian: Top 50 Games of the Decade December 15, 2009 18
IGN: Top 10 Games of 2005 (from their Best of the Decade feature, below) January 25, 2010 1
IGN: Top 10 Best Games of the Decade January 25, 2010 2
GameTrailers: Top 10 Games of the Decade February 12, 2010 7


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