For credits to the other games, see Ico (credits) and The Last Guardian (credits).
See also: Team Ico.

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Brief Staff Credits

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Ico The Last Guardian
Director and Game Designer Fumito Ueda Yes Yes
Planning & Game Script Junichi Hosono Yes Yes
Masashi Kudo No Yes
Takashi Izutani No No
Planning & Camera Testing Takeshi Asano No No
Planning & Sound Testing Makoto Yamaguchi No No
Character Design Shunpei Suzuki No Yes
Hitoshi Niwa No Yes
Character Animation Atsuko Fukuyama Yes No
Masanobu Tanaka No Yes
Daisuke Uchikawa No Yes
Sousuke Honda No No
Tatsuhiko Tachibe No No
Rory Little No No
Effects Design Hironobu Nakano No Yes
Yuta Kimura No Yes
Field Design Koji Hasegawa No No
Masanori Kajita No No
Kazuhiro Numata Yes No
Takeshi Okazawa No Yes
Kayoko Sato No No
Kibi Wakisaka No No
Atsuhiko Terada No Yes
Takeshi Ochiai No No
Nanako Omura Yes No
Mitsuhiro Shimooki Yes No
Katsuhiko Abe Yes No
Field Collision Jun Tsubuku No No
Takashi Kawashima No No
Nao Yamasaki No No
System Programming Jinji Horagai Yes No
Motion System Programming Hajime Sugiyama Yes Yes
GUI Programming Takuya Seki Yes No
Script System Programming Takeshi Nakagawa No Yes
Camera Tool Programming Teppei Ikeda No No
Animal System Programming Kazutomo Sasaki No No
Tools Programming Toshihiro Ito Yes No
Line Producer & Project Manager Kenji Kaido Yes No
Executive Producer Yasuhide Kobayashi Yes Yes
Supervisors Ahira Sato Yes No
Fumiya Takeno Yes No
Masatsuka Saeki Yes No
Tomikazu Kirita No No

Music and Voice Production
Music Composer Kō Ōtani
Recording Producer Yuji Saito
Recording Coordination Masaru
Recorder and Mixer Toshiyuki Yoshida
Music Supervisor Tomonobu Kikuchi
Sound Design Keiichi Kitahara
Kouji Niikura
Noburo Masuda
Tsutomu Fuzawa
Tsubasa Ito
Sound Manager Shinpei Yamaguchi
Voice of Wander Kenji Nojima
Voice of Dormin Kazuhiro Nakata (male)
Kyōko Hikami (female)
Voice of Emon Naoki Bandō
Voice of Mono Hitomi Nabatame
Voice Recording Director Takatoshi Yoda
Voice Recording Coordinator Junichi Umehara
Voice Recording Engineer Masatsuna Chubachi

Complete End Titles (PS4)

In Memory of
Susan Benedict, the heart of our studio. You touched our lives every day. You encouraged us with your words of kindness and gave us strength with your wisdom. We will forever be grateful.

- Bluepoint Games -
Engineering Bruce Woodard
Dak Babcock
Drew Burden
Lord Gregory Allen Roth
John "Bones" McCoy
Joe Houston
Marco Thrush
Martin Brownlow
Peter Dalton
Ted Chauviere
Additional Engineering Eric Christensen
jean-Francois "Jeff" Vezina
Andrew O'Neil
Jack Mathews
Art Alexis Boyer
Bob Wallace
Chris Torres
Chris Voellmann
Dane Shannon-Sparks
Daniel Harfmann
Daniel Rose
Elben H. Schafers
Eriko Soosaar
James Mestemaker
Jamie DeRuyter
Jonathon Ruland
jorda A. Knight
Justin Wagner
Katie Houston
Luis Ramirez
Mak Malovic
Mark Skelton
Matthew Via
Michael Khan-Rose
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Thomas
Peter Rybkin
Sameth Sim
Sterling L. Brucks
Troy Mishler
Urban McLafferty
Willow Hermoso
Additional Art A. Lee Amarakoon
Alan Flores
Alexander Lawrence
Cliff Young
Dan Doherty
Danny Rodriguez
Evan Liaw
Jamie Clark
Keith Osborn
Sean McLaughlin
Shawn Brack
Stacey Moore
Tony Reynolds
Trent Robinson
Production/Design Daryl R. Allison
Howard Tang
Randall W. Lowe
Steven Schaefer
Development QA Aaron "Keefer" Davis
Guadalupe A. DeLaCruz
Hector Aranda
Jeremy J. Lio
Ryan Collins
Additional Development QA Israel Rey
Theresa Pudenz
Operations Gavino Morin
Susan Benedict
Tanya Clarkson
Nessa Waters
Ron Clarkson
Additional Contributions Adam Roush
Armature Studio LLC
Benjamin Cooper
Brandon Kitkouski
Carlos Anguiano
David Bokser
David Levy
Desmond Young
Diego Almazan
Donovan Valdes
Elijah McNeal
George Rushing
Irvin Chavira
Jason Bennett
Justin Wentz
Ken Fairclough
Kynan Pearson
LeRoy M. Strauss
Michael Benedict
Mike Voeller
Miles Woods
Randy Forsyth
Rupy Bhogal
Scribble Pad Studios
Thomas Jung
Special Thanks

Michael Veroni
Jos Stam, Autodesk, Inc.
Nicolas Serres and Tobias Berghoff from ATG
Ed Cavazos, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
Nomad Colossus and the 79 steps to enlightenment

Very Special Thanks to all at SIE JAPAN Studio and Worldwide Studios for supporting the legendary SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS.

Thanks to the JAPAN Studio Development Team, many of who closely worked with us and played integral parts in implementation and polish throughout the project.

Thanks to our friends and family for their suport and understanding as we dedicated ourselves, trying our best to honor this special masterpiece.

Without the commitment from fans of SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS, a remake of this magnitude would not be possible. You have our depest appreciation and gratitude. We hope our remake lives up to your expectations.

- Production Babies -

Kira Lynn Lowe
Benjamin Yi-man Tang
Lincoln Benedict Wayne Schaefer

Texas Film Commission EST 1971

with the support of the
Office of the Governor,
Texas Film Commission

- Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio -
JAPAN Studio Development Team
Executive Producer Yasutaka Asakura
Associate Producer Yuri Nakayama
Production Assistant Kazuma Kizuka
Global Business Relations Director June Miki
Global Business & Promotion Strategy Brendon Pritchard
Audio Director Keiichi Kitahara
Lead Audio Designer Tomohiro Imura
Audio Designers Akihito Tsuruzono
Derrick Espino
Noburo Masuda
Art Supervisors Atsuhiko Terada
Keita Usami
Hitoshi Niwa

To be continued...


The complete End Titles (PS4) was pulled directly from footage of Shadow of the Colossus on the PS4.

See Shadow of the Colossus: Roar of the Earth  for the game's music credits as seen in the Japanese CD album.

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