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The PSU Preview is a playable demonstration prototype of Shadow of the Colossus. It was a version of the game presumably distributed to press, dated July 8th, 2005; 16 days after the OPM Demo. It allows for battles of the first three colossi (Valus, Quadratus and Gaius) before resetting.

The demo wasn't made public until May 15, 2018; when Nomad Colossus published an update to his blog exploring the demo in detail as well as attaching a download link to the ISO at the bottom of said update.

Below is a list of differences of note. Not everything is listed at the moment, but will eventually be filled in.

The Forbidden Lands

Due to the nature of the PSU Preview, the entirety of the Forbidden Lands are explorable without using cheats or hacks; outside of Beta Mountains and the Beta Dam.

Overall, the Forbidden Lands in the PSU Preview is in a cruder state compared to the final version. There's quite a few differences can be seen even in this near-final version of the game.

B5/C5 (Western Cape)

  • The winding pathway going towards Lair on the Mesa featured massive towers also seen in earlier versions. These towers appeared in the OPM and PSU demos as slow_res (super low resolution) models, while the E3 Demo and PSU Preview feature these towers in high resolution due to the nature of said versions.
  • The overall design of B5 in the PSU Preview is much cruder, having just recently been gutted from its incarnation seen in the E3 Demo.

B4 (Gravewind)

  • While appearing in the E3 Demo as alive both in high and slow resolution, the PSU Preview version of the tree atop the entrance to Dirge's arena only features the tree alive in the slow resolution; with the leaves 'melting' away to its dead form if you get close enough to load the high resolution version of the arena.
  • Additionally, an extra tree (which doesn't appear in the E3 Demo or OPM Demo) is also present at the north entrance to the arena.