Shadow of the Colossus is a remake of the original game of the same name by Bluepoint Games for the Playstation 4. The remake was first revealed at E3 2017. Rather than being a remaster, the 2018 game is a complete remake from the ground up with high-definition art assets and an updated control scheme, while still retaining the same gameplay as the original.

The Digital Deluxe version gives the previously-mentioned items, but also gives various new items such as the Spotted Steed costume for Agro, the Ancient Bow, the Cloak of Fate, and Steelbook.

New Features

  • New Game+ is added to allow the player to transfer health and stamina increases, items, and access to Time Attack to different difficulties.
  • There is now an Easy Mode.
  • A Mirrored World has been added and can be unlocked after clearing the game for the first time (e.g: Wander will now wield the Ancient Sword on his left rather than his right).
  • A new collectible has been added: coins. A counter will appear at the bottom left corner of the map to indicate the amount of coins already collected.
  • A new function called Photo Mode is added, where players can take commemorative shots at the game's scenery. It is also possible to take photos during cutscenes and battles.
  • It is possible to change the filter and lighting of the game. Options include Sepia, Night, and Reminiscence.
  • A stats menu has been added to allow players to see miscellaneous things such as distance traveled on or off Agro, amount of times certain colossi have been defeated and the fastest time, and special items collected, etc.
  • The game's HUD can be customized to display certain aspects at certain times.
  • Another Easter egg has been added: goat paintings.


  • Hard Mode is unlocked by default.
  • The game's world, while still maintaining the same layout as the original, are mostly new renders, with some obvious remodels on objects and structures. Some graphical comparison with the original game can be unlocked in the gallery.
  • Time Attack rewards from Hard Mode can be carried over to lower difficulties and vice versa.
  • The shaking of the colossi and Wander's grip strength has been reworked so he will shake a lot less compared to the PS3 version. A noticeable example is the amount of shaking that rattles Wander when he grabs on Argus' head.
  • Some of the Time Attacks for certain colossi have had their goals changed. While some like Valus have had their times shortened slightly, others, like Gaius and Phaedra, have had their times changed significantly.
  • Agro's skins can now be changed via the item selection menu.
  • The process of saving the game has been changed.
    • The game now auto-saves after defeating a colossus.
    • Save shrines will now automatically save to the current save file without a prompt.
    • Saving can also be done manually through the pause menu. Though this can be done anywhere in the world, reloading such a save will return the player to the last save shrine they prayed at.
  • The sounds made by all the colossi have been changed.
  • Dormin's voice has been altered considerably.
  • Setting functions are now more customizable. Some modes include Theatrical and Performance mode.
  • It is possible to disable both the tutorial as well as Dormin's in-battle hints in the settings menu.
  • The stamina bar now elongates to the left side of the screen in adjacency to the health bar as opposed to growing in radius and overlapping other HUD elements. It is also yellow in color instead of pink.
  • The credits give a shoutout to Nomad Colossus, a YouTube user who has spent the past seven years from the remaster's release uploading various mods, hidden files, theories, and other miscellaneous things of the game.
  • White-tailed lizards now make a unique sound to notify Wander of their presence.
  • The map is more customizable. It is now possible to hide the icons for shrines prayed at and colossi defeated.
  • The major sigil on Barba's head is centered and not offset to the left.
  • After killing a colossus, Wander cannot toggle or use any of his weapons until he is sent back to the Shrine of Worship.
  • While swimming, Wander now recovers stamina as he would if he was idle on land rather than recovering stamina by breaths.
  • Agro can now be mounted from the rear.
  • The Queen's Sword now radiates an electric-like aura when received. Additionally, it will make a unique sound when it is used to stab a colossus.
  • New items will now have a sigil sign at their left until they are selected.
  • The Cloak of Deception now leaves a darker highlight of Wander to help inform the player where exactly he is.


The following is a list of all trophies players may earn in Shadow of the Colossus (PS4).

Icon Name Description Trophy
Icon The Horned Boy The Horned Boy Acquire all trophies Icon Platinum Trophy
Icon Gold Trophies Speed King Obtain all Time Attack items together as one set Icon Gold Trophy
Icon Gold Trophies Intrepid Mortal Max out Wander's health and stamina bars Icon Gold Trophy
Icon Gold Trophies Speed Demon Complete Hard Mode under 5:41:28 Icon Gold Trophy
Icon Gold Trophies Grounded Scaler Defeat colossus #8 before it can turn back over Icon Gold Trophy
Icon Gold Trophies Resist the Wrist Defeat colossus #3 without breaking its wrist guard Icon Gold Trophy
Icon Silver Trophies Reach the Gate Cross the bridge to the entrance of the Forbidden Lands Icon Silver Trophy
Icon Silver Trophies Last Man Standing Complete a single playthrough without dying once Icon Silver Trophy
Icon Silver Trophies Bearer of the Curse Complete the game on any difficulty Icon Silver Trophy
Icon Silver Trophies Dormin's Rage Use Dormin's breath attack Icon Silver Trophy
Icon Silver Trophies Seeking Salvation Pray at all shrines Icon Silver Trophy
Icon Silver Trophies Trick Rider Perform all stunts with Agro Icon Silver Trophy
Icon Silver Trophies Fruit of the Garden Taste the poisoned fruit Icon Silver Trophy
Icon Bronze Trophies Sword of Her Majesty Defeat any colossus with the Queen's Sword Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Bronze Trophies Paint the Target Use the sword to focus on a vital point Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Bronze Trophies Fruit of the Land Eat a piece of fruit Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Bronze Trophies Skilled Warrior Defeat a colossus with a downward jump stab Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Bronze Trophies The Past that Defines Thee Defeat any colossus while in Reminiscence Mode Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Bronze Trophies Five-Lined Skink Collect a silver lizard tail Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Bronze Trophies Animals of the Land Interact with a dove, hawk, fish, and tortoise Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Bronze Trophies Boon of the Nomad Find the Easter Egg barrel in the hidden cave Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Bronze Trophies Trick Arrow Skills Shoot a lizard with a special arrow Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Valley of the Wanderer Valley of the Wanderer Defeat the 1st colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon The Mammoth The Mammoth Defeat the 2nd colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Wake the Knight Wake the Knight Defeat the 3rd colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Land of the Gravestones Land of the Gravestones Defeat the 4th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Riding the Wind Riding the Wind Defeat the 5th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Tomb of the Giant Tomb of the Giant Defeat the 6th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Waves of Lightning Waves of Lightning Defeat the 7th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Scaler of the Colosseum Scaler of the Colosseum Defeat the 8th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Lurker of the Cave Lurker of the Cave Defeat the 9th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Mystery in the Sand Mystery in the Sand Defeat the 10th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Guardian and the Pit Guardian and the Pit Defeat the 11th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Thunder of the Lake Thunder of the Lake Defeat the 12th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Signs amidst the Storm Signs amidst the Storm Defeat the 13th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Shield of the Colossus Shield of the Colossus Defeat the 14th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Valley of the Fallen Valley of the Fallen Defeat the 15th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy
Icon Last of the Colossus Last of the Colossus Defeat the 16th colossus Icon Bronze Trophy


The game received massive support in its first trailer. Metacritic's 74 reviewers also gave the game an average of 92.




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