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Director Andrés Muschietti
Producer Kevin Misher
Co-Producer Barbara Muschietti
Writer Seth Lochhead
Distributor Sony Pictures Entertainment
Consultant Fumito Ueda Release Date TBA

Shadow of the Colossus is an upcoming film based on the game.

The film was first announced on April 7, 2009. Kevin Misher, producer of The Scorpion King and The Interpreter, was set to produce. Justin Marks was set as the screenplay writer, already drafting early forms of the script. It was announced that Fumito Ueda, the game's creator, would be involved in the film's production.

On May 23, 2012, it was announced that Josh Trank (the director of the acclaimed film Chronicle) would be directing. Additionally, Seth Lochhead, best known for the 2011 film Hanna, would be replacing Justin Marks to write the screenplay.

In September 2014, Sony Pictures named Andrés Muschietti to direct the film after Josh Trank left. Barbara Muschietti would co-produce the film with Kevin Misher, with Seth Lochhead still set to write the screenplay.

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