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Besides providing a means to save, shrines often serve as a place to get some practice with the bow - white-tailed lizard can always be found on or near each one.

The save shrines (their models being named "Sky Towers") are found throughout the entirety of the Forbidden Lands. Each of these small structures contains a stone tablet (shaped roughly like a PS2 memory card) which Wander may pray to in order to save his progress. One white-tailed lizard can always be found on or near each shrine. The shrine can also be climbed to provide a nice view of the lands and to point Wander in the right direction.

A Save shrine as seen in the guide/artbook

Even though the game can be saved after defeating colossi, these shrines serve as a good stopping place for players who simply wish to explore the world for lizards and fruit trees without fighting.

There are 24 save shrines scattered across the lands (25 counting the Shrine of Worship). Each shrine is marked on the world map (as a green symbol) after Wander prayed there. Saving the game at a shrine reveals the name of the region on the save screen. The shrines and their names are listed here from top to bottom and left to right on the game's world map.

Not all save shrines face south, there are a few that face other directions.

To save at one of these shrines, stand in front of it and press Button Circle.png. Wander will kneel down and begin to pray, and it will be followed by the save menu. After one saves, Wander will stand back up, ready to continue his quest. In the PS4 remake, Wander simply kneels and stands up again, with no save prompt displayed. Whenever one loads the game file, it will show Wander resting in front of the shrine. It only takes one nudge of the analogue stick to wake him up.

Saving the game at all shrines will unlock the "Tower of Prayer" trophy in the PS3 version (renamed "Seeking Salvation" in the PS4 remake).

Coordinates Shrine Name Shrine Name (Preview) Shrine Name (Remake) Number on Map
C1 Umbral Glade Northwestern Valley Northwestern Basin 1
E1 Dried Marsh Misty Marsh Rugged Ascent 3
G1 Desert Fortress Northern Temple Desert Fortress 5
D2 Stone Arch Gorge Stone Arch Gorge Stone Arch Gorge 2
F2 Northern Span Northern Pier Northbridge Pier 4
G2 Misty Falls Turtle Falls Misty Fall 6
E3 Ravine Entrance Ravine Entrance Ravine Entrance 7
E3 Round Stone Hill Round Stone Hill Lair to the West 10
G3 Half-moon Canyon Northeastern Plain Half-moon Canyon 8
B4 Lair to the West Nest to the West Western Highlands 11
B4 Lair on the Mesa Nest on the Plateau Lair atop the Gorge 14
C4 Western Plain Western Plain Highlands Lagoon 9
E4 Stone Bridge Cliff Stone Bridge Cliff Stone Bridge Cliff 12
F4 Shrine of Worship Shrine of Worship Shrine of Worship N/A
G4 Cliff Path Cliff Path Grassy Path 13
B5 Western Cape Western Cape Western Cape 15
C5 Arch Bridge Plain Arch Bridge Plain Arch Bridge to Badlands 16
D5 Blasted Lands Hill Facing a Ruin Hill Overlooking Ruins 17
E5 Autumn Forest Autumn Forest Forest of Giants 18
G6 Eastern Bluff Southeastern Cliff Eastern Bluff 20
H6 Valley Plain Valley Plain Mossy Overlook 19
D7 Southwestern Cape Southwestern Cape Southwestern Cape 21
F7 Southern Plain Plain at the Ends Southern Lowlands 22
G7 Green Cape Green Cape Green Cape 23
F8 The Broken Seal* Closed Gates The Broken Seal 24
* This Shrine is only accessible after defeating 15 colossi.


  • If one leaves the start menu idle for some time, it will cut to the shrine which the player last saved at. (If one last saved after defeating a colossus, one will be at the save shrine outside the Shrine of Worship.) While Wander is resting at the Shrine of Worship, the camera will follow Agro as she explores the land freely until the music comes to an end. Every time the player watches, Agro will always choose a random course to take, so it isn't prerecorded. While Wander rests at another save shrine, the camera will instead follow a kite as it flies around the area surrounding the save shrine Wander last saved at.
  • If one climbs on top of a shrine, it can provide the player a great view of the land.
  • There is a reference to Ico near one of the more hidden save shrines. In an area called The Western Cape, there is a save shrine that, when Wander climbs to the top of it, provides a nice look over a cliff to a shore far below that resembles the one from the ending of Ico. To get there, head in the direction of the 6th Colossus, but take a right from the entrance of its temple. There will be a dangerous-looking land bridge that Wander must use Agro to cross. Once it is crossed, the save shrine will be somewhere to the far left.
  • A gray turret-like structure seen in an early screenshot of the Western Cape (B5) was (according to the lead designer of the old Shadow of the Colossus website after being questioned by Nomad Colossus) an earlier version of the Save Shrine. No clear evidence of it being a Save Shrine exists in the PS3 sheets or anywhere else besides the website designer's statement and the structure being located close to where the Western Cape shrine is now in the final version of the game.
    • The structure has textures matching to the now deleted nearby towers at B5 and C5. This could mean it was a unique structure that only existed at B5.


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