Roc (or Avus, its fan-given name) is one of many colossi that were cut during the final stages of the game. Its name is a reference to Arabic mythology.


The artbook says, "Its head detail resembled that of a frilled lizard", which can be clearly seen in the screenshots. Its wings seem thin and leathery, like that of a bat. Its neck is very long, because "I actually wanted to do a long-necked bird-type."


According to the artbook, "You'd shoot it down with the bow", meaning that the bow and arrow were vital to defeating this colossus, similar to Phalanx. Because Agro can be seen in several screenshots, it is likely that she was necessary for defeating Roc by chasing it, again similar to the battle with Phalanx.

Roc's frills glow, like other colossi with weakpoints (examples being Quadratus' hooves and Basaran's legs) suggesting that it may have been a weakpoint. Further evidence of this is Phalanx's concept art, which has a text in parenthesis that describes Phalanx's old muscle-like tendon, and how it was just like Roc's weakness. In the footage of Roc, Wander is seen holding his bow when Roc dives down at him. It can be presumed Roc would only dive down once shot in the frills, at which point Wander could leap onto either Roc's shoulders or tail to begin attacking it.


Roc footage from rare promo disc.

Short clip of the battle with Roc from the WANDA.Title 1 promo trailer.


Roc was fought in a desert-like landscape in an earlier version of the quadrant B3, called the Badlands.

Broken structures seen on the ground in Roc's arena match the armor seen on Gaius' right arm. According to the data sheets, the texture used for the structure is located in both Badlands and Gaius' model. Other matching textures have also been discovered in the sheets for the Badlands and Roc's screenshots.


  • A Shadow of the Colossus trailer originating from a rare promo dvd titled 'WANDA.Title 1' shows a short clip of the battle with Roc, in which Wander is seen riding Agro while the colossus attacks from above. The trailer date is 24th August 2004.
  • To date, Roc is the only unused Colossi to be seen in video footage as opposed to development screenshots.
  • Ueda stated Roc was cut because of issues with collision detection. Evidence for this can be seen in the Roc footage, since Roc clips through Wander and the ground when he dives down to attack him.
  • A Team Ico developer confirmed Roc's arena being B3, and described it as a "wasteland" scattered with "ruins, towers and structures".


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