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Quadratus is the fan name given to the second colossus, resembling a bull and mammoth. Its lair is just north of the Shrine of Worship, underneath the great bridge at the bottom of a giant canyon.

Path to the colossus

See also: Map for this path

Shadow of the Colossus - 2nd Colossus

Video - Quadratus (path to and battle with)

In terms of simple distance, Quadratus' lair is the closest to the Shrine of Worship; however, getting to its lair is not as simple. Upon exiting the Shrine, holding up the Ancient Sword will reveal that the colossus is located to the north. Go around the Shrine's west side until facing a clear path north. There will be a gigantic land bridge ahead of the player that will eventually fork in two directions. Hold up the sword again for the answer: take the right fork. Once done so, a cutscene will play, indicating that Wander is close. Follow the path down to the bottom of the canyon and head northwest until facing a suspicious area of the cliffs.


Agro is with Wander this time, but her speed is not needed here. Approach the colossus on foot; once Wander is close enough, the beast will rear up on its hind legs in an attempt to crush him. This reveals the bottom of its hooves look vulnerable. Shoot any of these spots (even its back two hooves have these) to make the colossus fall down to a spot where Wander can climb up onto it.

The player's stamina has increased since the first colossus, but only marginally; don't let it run out. There are small platforms jutting out of its legs, but it's very easy to fall off of them. Head along the side of the colossus to its back, where the first major weakpoint awaits. Run up close to the center of its back if Wander is low on stamina.

The last weakpoint is on its head. It's difficult to take it out with one stamina meter; as before, retreat to its more stable back to recover if Wander's stamina becomes too low.

Time Attack times in Original and PS3 versions (Normal, Hard): 4:00, 4:30
Time Attack times in PS4 Remake (Normal, Hard): 3:30, 4:30


Location Percentage of health
Normal Hard
On top of its head 50% 33%
At the end of its back 50% 33%
On its left side N/A 33%
Under each hoof Used in climbing

Tips and tricks

  • Hard Mode players will want to attack Quadratus' left hooves, so as to get to the difficulty-exclusive weakpoint on its left side.
  • The player doesn't have to wait for Quadratus to rear up to attack its hooves. With precise timing, the right angle, and practice, one can hit the bottom of its hooves while the colossus is walking normally.
  • The player can jump off of Agro to reach higher or farther distances. Use this battle to experiment with the technique, because it will be necessary to do it later.


Attack Damage (Normal) Damage (Hard) Description Demonstration
Stomp 25 (Shockwave)
50 (Direct hit)
50 (Shockwave)
Instakill (Direct hit)
After standing in front of the colossus for a few moments, it will roar and proceed to reer up in order to stomp the player. It can either stomp with its right or left leg depending on Wander's position. Make sure to stand back in order to shoot the bottom of its hoof without getting hit. MammothStomp.gif


Phase Plays in Music
Intro Plays as Wander approaches Quadratus' lair. Sign of the Colossus

Phase 1 Plays once Quadratus emerges. A Violent Encounter

Phase 2 Plays when Wander starts scaling Quadratus. Revived Power


  • As well as being the first quadrupedal colossus, Quadratus is the first colossus that can be fought with Agro.
  • Quadratus is the only colossus to break out from behind a wall upon Wander's arrival. Barba is behind a wall initially, but rather than breaking it down like Quadratus, the wall slides open for Barba.
  • Quadratus is the third-tallest of all the colossi (roughly the same as Gaius), standing approximately 108ft/33m tall.
  • Quadratus is the second-longest quadruped after Basaran.
  • Quadratus shares something in common with Basaran: they both have weakpoints located on their feet which must be exploited in order to gain access to their weakpoint sigils.
  • Quadratus makes a lot of elephant-like roars and bellows.
  • Along with Gaius and Wander, Quadratus made a cameo appearance outside of Shadow of the Colossus in the 2008 PS3 game LittleBigPlanet, where Quadratus can be downloaded as a costume.
  • When Wander is on the land bridge going from the Shrine of Worship to Quadratus' area, the water will appear blue. However, when Wander approaches the other side of the bridge, it will turn a greenish shade.
    • If Wander jumps off here and lands in water that is deep enough for him to survive the fall, Agro will have to run on her own down to the beach. Strangely, when Agro gets to a certain part coming down to the beach, she will fall off the ledge but will be unharmed, despite the near 100 foot fall.
  • On the back of the USA Shadow of the Colossus PS2 case (black label only) where it shows screenshots of the game, Quadratus' early design can be seen in one of the screenshots. This screenshot was removed from the Greatest Hits version's back cover, so its inclusion was likely a mistake by the American localization team. It can also be seen on the front of the PS2 manual on both the black label and Greatest Hits versions.
  • If Wander falls to the ground after doing significant damage to Quadratus, it may attempt to flee from him.
  • Quadratus is one of the main icons for the game, as it appears in most of the promo pictures and advertisements.
  • Quadratus was the first colossus to be created for the game. Its former developer name being "Boss A".

  • A short video of the battle against an early version of Quadratus was shown to the public in order to promote the game.
  • In the E3 Demo, Quadratus' fur is green and it makes some different sounds while attacking. The music that plays in the battle is 'Grotesque Figures', likely as a placeholder.
  • In the PSU Preview version of the game, Quadratus' battle theme is 'Creeping Shadow', while 'A Violent Encounter' plays when climbing it. Strangely, A Violent Encounter's intro still plays when Quadratus breaks its door down, but is soon replaced by Creeping Shadow.


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