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Phoenix is one of several unused colossi that did not make it into the final version of Shadow of the Colossus.


Phoenix's final design is smaller compared to its earlier design, but was still fairly tall. The right side of its face, its wide tail and the edges of its wings were covered in fire. Its feet had two toes on the front and one toe on the back, with ridges which looked climbable. Its legs and sides of its chest were covered in fur and were likely where Wander would first climb onto the colossus.


The guidebook gives information on how Phoenix had to be defeated: "Its body was wreathed in flame. You defeated it by plunging it into a lake".

This indicates that Wander likely needed to drop it into a lake, extinguishing the fire blocking the path to its sigil. In all released screenshots of Phoenix, Wander is seen riding Agro, so it can be assumed she was vital to this battle. As Phoenix's body isn't fully on fire and its legs had fur on them, it is possible that Wander would have to jump from Agro to one of them and climb it from there. However, it's unknown how the player would plunge it into the lake.


Phoenix was going to be battled in the quadrant I4, on the arena known as 'Crater'. It was initially speculated to be located at D3 due to the trees in the screenshots matching the trees seen at the 9th colossus' arena, but it was disproven when those trees were discovered to being labelled as "I4_tree" and "crater_branch" in the PSU Preview version. The tree texture listed in the Crater's sheets also matches perfectly with a tree seen in a Phoenix screenshot.

The cliff and floor textures seen in Phoenix's screenshots and the sheet data of the Crater matches with the ones in the J4 beta mountains. The sheets also list a water texture called "ud_wave", which suggests that Crater had water. Its presence can be linked to Phoenix's lake, as it needed to be plunged into it in its battle.


  • Ueda stated in a french interview that he discarded Phoenix's concept because Wander would lose way too much health everytime he was ejected from the colossus and that they needed to create a really large environment for it.
  • Ueda also stated that "The player had to avoid bursts of wind produced by the giant wings of this flying colossus." The bursts of wind can be seen being used by the 5th colossus when Wander is on top of the many ruins in its arena.
    • It also suggests that Phoenix was once able to fly; evidence of this is found in the game's files, as parameters related to it named "SCRPhoenixLandingReady", "SCRPhoenixLanding", "phoenixFlyDist" and "phoenixFlyTime" still exist in the code.[1]
  • The final design of Phoenix was roughly the same height as the 3rd colossus.
  • There exists two designs of Phoenix from different stages of development; an earlier design from the time Wander wore a blue vest and a more recent one when Wander's model was almost complete. The earlier design had a longer neck and fur all over its body, whereas the later design's neck was shorter and had less fur.
  • Screenshots depict Phoenix as having only one stone eye. The left side of its face is made of stone reliefs, including an eye, while the right side of its face appears smashed-in and on fire.
  • The unused theme "Voice of the Earth" is likely to have been the intro song for reaching Phoenix's arena. The proof of this is the song's name in the debug menu of the game, which is titled "volcano".
  • The theory that Phoenix lived at I4 was originally from SpaceOmega5000 (formerly known as WWWArea). Later evidence from the data sheets helped solidify it.
  • An interview with Fumito Ueda from the December 2nd, 2005 edition of Famitsu talks about how the "Bird and Spider colossi were almost completed". This same interview is also in the artbook, only lacking the pictures linked to it in the Famitsu version, and with it the context. The "Bird" actually referred to Phoenix, instead of the 5th colossus or even Roc like it was originally speculated.


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