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Bonus DVD

October 27, 2005
(Japan only)

The Nico bonus DVD was a pre-order bonus for those who reserved their copy of Shadow of the Colossus in Japan. The eponymous Nico concept video was included as part of the bonus content that came with The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection; none of the other sections included on the Nico DVD were included.


The DVD features the first-ever footage of Shadow of the Colossus, back when the game was simply called Nico (a combination of "ni", the Japanese word for two, and Ico). The trailer features several horned boys resembling Ico on horseback pursuing a colossus (whose design would eventually resemble Quadratus in the final game). The battle is hard-fought, but eventually one of the boys manages to climb atop the creature and defeat it. With the colossus dead, the group rides off into the horizon.

DVD menu layout

Main menu
  • Promotional Video
    • 2004
      • Production Announcement Opening
      • TGS 2004
    • 2005
      • Footage from the playable E3 demo
      • SCEE E3 Trailer
      • SCEA E3 Trailer
      • TGS 2005
      • Shop trailer
  • Unreleased Footage
    • NICO (temp) Pilot Movie
    • Production Reel
  • Gallery
    • Screenshots: Story
    • Screenshots: Colossi
    • Screenshots: Scenery
    • Design Sketches
    • Production Snapshots
  • ICO
    • TV Commercial 1 (0:15)
    • TV Commercial 2 (1:00)
    • Promotional Video
    • Secret Clip
      • ICO Production Reel

Video gallery


NicoDVD Beta Footage

A collection of NICO DVD videos.

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