FLloc MistyFalls

The Misty Falls refer to an area in the northeastern Forbidden Lands distinguished by a wide river flowing south through a canyon with the aid of several gigantic waterfalls. The source of the river is a large, elevated lake in quadrant G2 (where Pelagia dwells) and ends in a larger lake in quadrant G4.

The area's shrine is located on the path to Pelagia's lake, just before Wander must make his way around the pillar that separates him from Agro. The shrine is unique in that it is just a small portion of a regular shrine tucked away into the cliffside. The usual white-tailed lizard can still be found nearby.

Significant nearby areas

  • As mentioned before, Pelagia's lair is the lake at the top of the falls.
  • The canyon that the water flows through is the Half-moon Canyon; its shrine is located on the cliffside near the canyon center.
  • The Cliff Path is the southeastern edge of the canyon; Wander travels along this path to reach Avion.
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