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  • I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on November 15
  • My occupation is Community Technical Specialist at FANDOM
  • I am male
  • Bio Hi! I’m Mark.
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  • Dear Mark,

    Some time ago, you changed several infoboxes on this wiki. Now the images in the infoboxes for the unused colossi (example ) are gone. Can this be undone?


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    • Hey Gert,

      Thanks for the heads up. I've re-added the "UnusedColossus" parameter, which means that images on unused colossi pages are showing up again. Apologies for failing to add this parameter initially - I was under the impression it wasn't actually used on any pages.

      These infobox conversions are part of our new PortableInfobox system. You can read more about it here. Let me know if you have any questions!

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    • A FANDOM user
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