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Kuromori is the fan name given to the eighth colossus. Resembling a gigantic lizard, this wall-climbing colossus can be found in a tall, narrow arena located in quadrant G6.

Path to the colossus

See also: Map for this path

Shadow of the Colossus - 8th Colossus 1 2

Video - Path to Kuromori

The sword will direct the player southeast to a canyon. When the path branches, head left and look for a cave entrance. This passage leads to an area inside the cliffs filled with greenery and waterfalls. Be cautious to not jump here and fall; Wander won't walk off one of the ledges, but will leap. Head east from here along the path to find a temple surrounded by a ring of water. Wander will have to part ways with Agro here. Inside the temple, there will be a ridged pillar to climb up to get to the other side of the room. The hallway beyond leads to the arena.



Shadow of the Colossus - 8th Colossus 2 2

Video - Battle with Kuromori

The colossus is initially unaware of the player; use this time to become familiar with the arena. There are many staircases connecting its many tiers; go to the highest one. Once there, equip the bow and whistle to get the colossus' attention. Once done, quickly run to the other side of the arena while the colossus climbs up the walls. Its legs look suspicious, like the bottom of Quadratus' hooves. Shoot any of them with an arrow and the colossus will recoil that leg from the wall. Shoot any other leg and the colossus will fall to the bottom of the arena, exposing its two weakspots on its ventral side. The higher the colossus was when it fell, the longer it will take to right itself. If any part of this does not go according to plan, watch out, as this colossus carries a particularly vicious attack: It can launch electric projectiles that will leave a cloud of poison gas on impact, rapidly draining Wander's health as long as he remains in the impact radius. Get out of sight and recover, and when ready, go back up to the top of the arena and get its attention again.

Time Attack times in Original and PS3 versions (Normal, Hard): 8:00, 7:30
Time Attack times in PS4 Remake (Normal, Hard): 6:00, 7:00


Location Percentage of health
Normal Hard
On its belly, between its front legs 50% 50%
On its belly, between its back legs 50% 50%
On each ankle (4) Makes it lose its grip

Tips and tricks

  • If one has difficulty aiming for the legs to make the colossus fall, then aiming for the belly is an alternative to consider. Three shots are required to make this work instead of the usual two.
  • It is also possible for Wander to climb to the topmost layer, get its attention, and then go down a few layers and shoot at its legs. That way, it gets stunned for a long time and the player loses little health.
  • After shooting Kuromori down and it's lying on its back, one can jump from any layer and hold the grab button to latch onto its belly. If done correctly, it allows Wander to get to it quickly with no damage taken.
  • Another way to save health is to shoot Kuromori's legs and while jumping down, grab onto the lowest ridge sticking out of the wall. Letting go from here slows Wander enough so that he takes almost no damage.
  • While Kuromori is "charging" its attack, Wander can use his bow to hit its head. This makes Kuromori temporarily shake it around, apparently disoriented, which causes it to shoot its projectiles randomly and not directly towards Wander. If timed correctly, this can be very useful if running away is not an option. Using the Harpoon of Thunder on Hard Mode will increase the time Kuromori shakes its head, thus making it more effective than using the bow.


Attack Damage (Normal) Damage (Hard) Description Demonstration
Charged Breath 0.8+ (Gas)
3 (Direct hit)
1.6+ (Gas)
10 (Direct hit)
The colossus will take a few moments to charge its breath attack, then launch its blasts wildly in various directions. Avoid the toxic clouds at all cost. YamoriBChargedBreath.gif
Pulse Breath 0.8+ (Gas)
3 (Direct hit)
1.6+ (Gas)
10 (Direct hit)
Whenever it is at a window, it will spit singular blasts of toxic breath with barely any charge time. Do not stand next to the windows when the colossus is near. YamoriBPulseBreath.gif
Tail Swipe 40 100 If Wander stands near its tail, it will perform a swipe attack that will launch him flying. Avoid fighting it on the ground. YamoriBTailSwipe.gif

Attack Builds Damage Description Demonstration
Quick Breath E3 Demo 0.5+ (Gas)
30 (Direct hit)
In the E3 Demo, if Wander is next to the colossus' face, it will spit at the ground quickly with no charge time - spreading gas and making it extremely dangerous to be close to it. YamoriBQuickBreath.gif


Phase Plays in Music
Pre-Battle Plays after entering Kuromori's underground lair. Black Blood (Short ver.)

Phase 1 Plays once Kuromori becomes aware of Wander's presence. Liberated Guardian

Phase 2 Plays when Kuromori falls on its back. A Despair-filled Farewell


  • Kuromori is the first of the four colossi that uses a ranged attack. Its attack amongst these four, however, is unique in that it is the only long-range attacker whose projectiles leave a cloud of damaging gas that lingers for quite some time. This gas covers a fairly large area and can drain Wander's health quickly if he remains in it for long.
  • Kuromori is the only colossus capable of scaling walls during its fight.
  • Kuromori is the third-smallest colossus after Celosia and Cenobia. The two same pieces of music, "Liberated Guardian" and "A Despair Filled Farewell", play whilst fighting all three colossi.
  • Many people have found a way to jump onto Kuromori's belly while it's climbing up. This is not recommended, however, as it is not only difficult to perform but very glitchy if Wander holds on too long (such as being launched miles into the air or being turned invisible with clipping).
  • Kuromori shares some similarities with the colossus that immediately follows it: Basaran. Both Kuromori and Basaran, while being two of the seven quadrupedal colossi, are the only two whose legs extend out to the sides of the their bodies rather than directly downwards, as is the case with all the other quadrupeds. This gives them both a distinctly lizard-like gait and makes them appear more reptilian. Both have to be attacked around the legs in order to tip them over to gain access to their weakpoint sigils, both use long range projectile attacks, and each are viewed as being highly aggressive. Finally, both Kuromori and Basaran have heavily-armored and ridged backs.
  • Kuromori makes a lot of hissing and seething bellows while it's fighting.
  • Out of all 16 colossi, Kuromori has the shortest death sequence of all, roughly only seven seconds long.
  • From the location in which it is fought, Kuromori is one of three colossi that cannot see the pillars of light that the fallen bodies of other colossi emit, with the other two being Barba and Dirge.
  • The fight with Kuromori is the only battle wherein Wander will cover his face. When Wander is in the poisonous gas that Kuromori fires, he puts his arm over his mouth.
  • The trees outside of Kuromori's lair have the same texture as some colossi's skin, especially Barba's; both are bluish with dark spots.
  • When Kuromori walks, it leaves burn-like marks into the ground.
  • In the PS4 Remaster, there is a trophy that can be obtained for killing Kuromori before it can flip back on its feet for the first time.
  • Dormin's introduction line for Kuromori reads as "A tail trapped within a pail deep within a forest". Yet Kuromori's lair in the final game is not actually located near any forests, making Dormin's line curious.

  • A particular page from the artbook showing three designs for gecko colossi states that three types of 8th colossus existed at one point, that all of them are shown in it, and that all three had different strategies and weakpoint locations. This may possibly suggest that these aren't just different designs for Kuromori, but actually three different gecko colossi; such as Yamori A, another colossus similar to Kuromori that existed in the past.
  • In the E3 Demo, Kuromori's model was a bit different. Its textures were brighter and its tail was similar in shape to Yamori A's. Gameplay-wise, it was much faster and its breath attack blowed Wander away dealing damage, in addition to it being poisonous. The effect of the breath attack is also different, being colored blue. At this point however, the animation of Wander covering his face wasn't implemented yet, making it harder to tell which spots are dangerous if the player is not attentive enough of their health bar. If Wander stands in front of it, it will launch a single breath ball with no charging time, making it more dangerous being close to it.


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