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In each of Team Ico's games, there are items which the player may find or unlock throughout their journey. These items can range from simple cosmetic unlockables, to powerful upgrades, and to simple objects the character must pick up or interact with.


The items in Ico all take the form of weapons Ico can find throughout his journey in the Castle.

Item Name Item Type
Queen's Sword Weapon
Shining Sword Secret weapon
Spiked Club Secret weapon
Stick Weapon and tool

Shadow of the Colossus

In the original Shadow of the Colossus, items are unlocked by beating colossi in Time Attack mode (bar the default weapons Wander starts his journey with), although the PS4 remake does add some additional items which can be found as part of a secret unlockable.

Item Name Item Type
All Versions
Ancient Sword Default weapon
Bow & Arrow Default Weapon
Brown Agro / Brown Steed Agro skin
Cloak of Deception Cloak
Cloak of Force Cloak
Cloth of Desperation Usable item
Flash Arrow Arrow type
Fruit Tree Map Passive bonus
Harpoon of Thunder Ranged weapon
Ico Agro / Crested Agro Agro skin
Lizard Detection Stone Passive bonus
Mask of Power Mask
Mask of Strength Mask
Queen's Sword Weapon
Shaman's Cloak Cloak
Shaman's Mask Mask
Sword of the Sun Weapon
Whistling Arrow Arrow type
White Agro / White Steed Agro skin
PS4 Exclusive
Ancient Bow Ranged weapon
Cloak of Fate Cloak
Cursed Wander Skin Costume
Knabstrup Steed Agro skin
Life Sword Weapon
Spotted Steed Agro skin
Sword of Dormin Secret weapon
Preview Version / Unused
Eye of the Colossus Perspective shift
Mask of the Titans Mask

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian once again features unlockable and findable items in the form of the tools the boy uses in the story, and in unlockable costumes.

Item Name Item Type
Badge of Honour Trico costume
Enduring Attire Costume
Fine Featherpainter Usable item

Homecoming Costume


Horned Apparel Costume
The Mirror Usable item
Warrior's Clothes Costume
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