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Ico MitM.png
Music by Michiru Ōshima
Vocals Stephen Geraghty
Released February 20, 2002 (Japan)
Published by SME Visual Works
Catalog number SVWC-7117

Ico ~Melody in the Mist~ (ICO ~霧の中の旋律~ ICO ~kiri no naka no senritsu~) is the official soundtrack for Ico. The soundtrack was composed by Michiru Ōshima and Pentagon. Ōshima arranged the songs "Castle in the Mist", "Beginning", and "You Were There", and Pentagon arranged the other songs in the album, except "Shadow" and "Collapse", which were composed by Masaaki Kaneko, who also worked on the game's Sound Design and Sound Effects. It also features a vocal performance by Stephen Geraghty in the song "You Were There", whose lyrics were written by Lynne Hobday. Hitoshi Watanabe performed guitar, upright electric bass, mandolin, bouzouki, and ukelele parts for the soundtrack.

Track listing

Track Listing Credits Occurrence in the Game
1. Prologue (0:35) Pentagon Pre-main menu cutscene
2. Coffin (1:33) Pentagon Intro movie
3. Impression (0:31) Michiru Ōshima, Pentagon Cutscene where Ico discovers Yorda in the cage
4. Castle in the Mist (3:05) Michiru Ōshima Game trailers/credits
5. Beginning (1:26) Michiru Ōshima Leaving the tomb area for the first time
6. Who are You? (0:57) Michiru Ōshima, Pentagon Cutscene where Yorda is freed from the cage
7. Darkness (1:16) Pentagon Shadow creatures appear
8. Heal (1:39) Pentagon Saving the game
9. The Gate (0:38) Pentagon First cutscene at the main gate
10. Queen (1:42) Michiru Ōshima, Pentagon First cutscene at the main gate/before the Queen battle
11. Continue (1:27) Pentagon "Continue" screen music
12. Déjà vu (0:52) Pentagon Ico's dream while unconscious
13. Shadow (1:33) Michiru Ōshima, Pentagon Fighting the horned children shadows
14. Entity (2:09) Michiru Ōshima, Pentagon Queen battle
15. Collapse (1:41) Michiru Ōshima Ending cutscene
16. ICO: You Were There (4:28) Michiru Ōshima, Lynne Hobday, Stephen Geraghty Ending cutscene/credits (theme song)

"You Were There" lyrics

The island bathes in the sun's bright rays.
Distant hills wear a shroud of grey.
A lonely breeze whispers in the trees.
Sole witness to history.

Fleeting memories rise,
From the shadows of my mind.
Sing "Nonomori", endless corridors...
Say "Nonomori", hopeless warriors...
You were there...
You were there...

Am I forever dreaming,
How to define the way I'm feeling.

You were there.
Countless visions they haunt me in my sleep...
You were there.
Though forgotten all promises we keep...

Slaves to our destiny.
I recall a melody.
Sing "Nonomori", seasons lit with gold...
Say "Nonomori", legends yet untold...
You were there...
You were there...

Happiness follows sorrow.
Only believing in tomorrow.

You were there.
Countless visions they haunt me in my sleep...
You were there.
Though forgotten all promises we keep...

The island bathes in the sun's bright rays.
Distant hills wear a shroud of grey.
A lonely breeze whispers in the trees.
Sole key to this mystery...

Fan remix soundtracks

ICO Respect Arrange Album

Ico TemplateLogo.png
Respect Arrange Album
Remix of Ico ~Melody in the Mist~
Remixed by Wata, No.5, Spine, Sadist, Qua, MAX155
Released August 17, 2007
Published by Straw Hat
Length 43:08

ICO Respect Arrange Album is a CD collection of remixed music from Ico.

Track listing

Track Composer Remix of
1. Intro Wata [original composition]
2. Misty Wish - Hope in the castle - Wata Castle in the Mist
3. Not Continue Qua Continue
4. Roots Spine Beginning
5. Heal Me Wata Heal
6. E MAX155 Darkness
7. Opium Shop Sadist Heal, Collapse, Castle in the Mist
8. I Wish You Sweet Dream No.5 Heal
9. We Were There -Re:mix- Wata You Were There
10. Outro Wata [original composition]

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