Hawk Shadow 2018 Remake (Kite)
The Hawk is one of the most common animal species in the Forbidden Lands. They fly about in most open areas. Often they will follow Wander, sometimes more than one at a time, while Wander is riding on Agro. If Wander stands still in an open area with hawks and wait, one will likely swoop down nearby. Hawks can be grabbed and ridden through the air for a short while. They can also be killed by arrows.


  • It should be noted that, though elusive, a particularly large hawk can be found just south of Dirge's cave, which many fans refer to as "Loki the Hawk". If one attempts to ride "Loki", he will usually fly out over a very deep chasm and proceed upwards to very high altitudes for several minutes, so a considerable amount of stamina is recommended before attempting so. He likes to roost in a large tree. The player is able to ride him, like other hawks. To do so, stand on the large rock by the gorge. It is in line with the tree. Every so often, "Loki" will fly out over the gorge as if looking for food. When he flies over Wander, press Button Triangle to jump, and hold R1 to grab him. Be warned, though, that there is a good chance that when Wander falls off of him, Wander will land in the gorge, which will deprive him of all his remaining health.
  • A hawk is focused on in both the beginning and endings scenes of Shadow of the Colossus, and the flight of one will be shown with "The Farthest Land" from the game's soundtrack playing if the main menu is left idle long enough. In the 2018 remake of Shadow of the Colossus, "Sky Burial" plays for the hawk roaming sequences. This reflects the PAL version of the PS2 and PS3 releases of the game that used this track for hawk roaming.
  • Although referred to as hawks, it is more likely that these birds are actually a species of Kite, as their physical morphology is more slender than that of most hawk species. Most particularly, the shape of their wingspan is not broad and plank-like but curved.


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