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Griffin is one of the unused colossi that, for one reason or another, did not make it into the final released game. Its name is a reference to Greek mythology.


Griffin is a small to medium sized colossus with the appearance made to resemble its namesake, although the model shown is quite early in development and likely very unfinished. It appears to borrow different parts from its concept art while not being an exact match to any. Its body is mostly covered by stone armor while leaving its back open, which is likely where its weak point lies. Unique red markings similar to the ones from the very early design of Phalanx can be seen on its face and parts of its armor. It has bone-like wings, which are only there for decoration.


The artbook gives a relatively large amount of information on Griffin, such as, "You could defeat it by making use of its weakness, fire. You were meant to fight it by riding Agro, as with Colossus 10, but it took a long time to retry, so it was a colossus that was rejected." This could mean that it was afraid of fire, like Celosia, and swift like Dirge.


Griffin was speculated to have lived in the unused 'Valley' arena, due to the fact that Valley and Stage 7, which was Griffin's test stage, share the same textures listed in the same exact order in the game's data sheets. Its location on the map, however, is unknown; likely never making into it.

A theory placed Griffin at I7 due to a similar area being seen at the J7 beta mountains compared to the Griffin screenshots; although the areas don't match very well nor share textures.


  • According to early sketches, "the joints are relevant and need to be redrawn" . It also states that "the wings are for decoration" and that the bones on the back of one of the concepts "will act as obstacles".
  • Griffin's strategy of using fire is shared by Celosia.
  • Griffin was one of two colossi to not get an idol statue, the other being Saru. This suggests they were both cut very early in development.
    • Griffin also lacks an entry in the sound effects parameters (sePARAM), again like Saru.
  • The sheets lists an 'icon' texture for Griffin. It's likely that it is one of the HUD colossi icons that earlier builds had.
  • One of Celosia's concept arts refers to it as "Griffin custom", implying that it was a byproduct of Griffin, being the same type of Colossus.
  • A colossus with the name Griffin B was found in the data sheets sharing the same textures of Celosia. This might be a later version of Griffin that wasn't shown in the artbook, but since it got deleted, parts of it were reused for Celosia.
  • The sheet known as "scr_param", which lists various mechanics of the game, has a line named "griffinTorchLimit" in it. This proves it would be used in Griffin's battle, further elaborating into what was said in its concept art.
    • The sheets suggest Griffin's torch would be on fire for 27 seconds before being extinguised. This is unlike Leo's torch which would be lit for a much longer time of 45 seconds.


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