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The first podcast from the Giantology blog primarily discussed the authenticity of the Tamil Nadu giant video.

During the final few months of the Giantology campaign in which the five hoaxes were published, blog author Eric Belson published four podcasts where he commented on the "discovery" of giants across the world. (An exception is the second podcast, which Belson replaced with the Arkady Simkin interview.)

Transcript of the First podcast

Eric Belson: Hello, and welcome to my first-ever podcast. My name is Eric Belson, and I'll be your tour guide through the fabulous world of Giantology. So welcome.

Right off the bat, I'll tell you what I think. The Tsunami video is a hoax. I'll get into more detail on why I think that in a moment, but first I wanted this very first podcast to be kind of an introduction to my site. As you may know from reading some of my posts, I was a History and Mythology major; I currently work in an electronics store, and I don't want to say which one because I could get into trouble if I mention work stuff. But anyway, I get lots of free DVDs and videos and stuff like that - CD's, I mean. Anyway, I wanted the blog to be basically research for a book that I'd like to write called The Age of Giants, all about basically taking the myths and legends of giants throughout the world and turning them into one kind of grand storyline, and trying to figure out why these myths are so important in our cultures, what they actually mean.

Then I received the Tsunami video, and since then - I think it's been about two weeks - I don't remember quite sure exactly when I posted it, but the number of page hits since then has been well over 250,000. I've already received over 300 comments to the blog, I've gotten dozens of emails from people, and I have no idea how many people around the world have actually watched the video on the net; it's just completely insane, and if you do a search on "giantology", or "tsunami giant skeleton", you'll see what I mean; it's unbelievable how many hits you get.

Two of the best emails that I wanted to note, in addition to all the research info I've received, was one offering to help publish my book, Age of Giants, and I'm very excited about that; I'm gonna be looking into that pretty soon, and I'll let you all know if anything happens on that front. Also, I received an email from a female visitor talking about how adorable that cool 70s photo is on the top-left of the...thing, and I told Lauren about that one - my girlfriend - and she said that if any women come sniffing around my blog for the wrong reasons, she'll scratch their eyes out, so keep that in mind, please. Because I don't want anyone to be severely injured by my blog. That would be bad.

I'm slowly working, now, through all the comments, and I'm trying to post on...only those that really I think add something to the discussion, rather than repeating old information, so please don't be insulted if I don't post your comment; it just means your views are already being represented in some fashion - or you called me a retard, which I don't think is fair.

One of the arguments against the video's authenticity was the absence of any information about either the reporter, Rupa Sridharam, or the news network she worked for.

Basically, all the posts...all the comments boil down to "the tsunami video is a fake", or "the tsunami video is real". Now, arguments for it being real are: that "it looks real", "how could somebody fake something like this?", "the mainstream media never covers stories like this", "giants are or once were real", and "there's a scientific cover-up going on", and the person who's commenting may have seen something similar ages ago, or saw the same video a month ago. And, I'm willing to go with almost all these arguments; it does look pretty real, it'd be very hard to fake something like this, although I disagree - I think the mainstream media actually would be all over a story like this, if you remember the recent 'alligator being eaten by a python' story, and the python exploding[1]'s pretty disgusting, but the mainstream media just loves stuff like this. The idea that there's a scientific cover-up about giants, well, that's, I'm just kind of scratching the surface of that. I do think there's kind of a mainstream...orthodoxy in science, and I think it's distinctly possible that there's some kind of cover-up going on, and I'm going to look into that more and do more research and I'll be posting all that stuff to my blog and possibly talking about that more in my podcast, my next podcast. Hopefully I'll do a lot of them. I dunno. Maybe you won't like 'em; who knows.

Anyway, arguments for the video being a fake are that "it looks like computer-generated CG effects", "if this really was real, it'd be all over the news", "why aren't there better shots of the creature?", "there's no such TV network or reporter", and that people think it wasn't shot in India; "it was actually shot in southern California". As for that last one, I don't really know; I've only been to southern California once; it was a road trip when I was eight, with my family, and aside from throwing up in the back seat of the station wagon we rented, I really don't remember much about that trip at all. As far as it being CG effects or not being more...not having better shots of the creature, I think, as I've looked into it more and watched the video a few more times, I guess I definitely agree with that; the more I look at it, the more fake it looks. One thing in its favor, is I do think- you know, people have been saying that "the water doesn't look real"...I honestly think the water looks real. The waves coming in, actually, to me, are very convincing and that's one of the things that first got me. The shot that I think I have the hardest time with is the helicopter shot; I don't understand how somebody could fake that, so I'm not real sure, don't understand it. The fact that there's no such TV network or reporter, well, I don't buy that either because small networks, local networks and small-time reporters might just simply not be on the net; if you did a search on my name about two weeks ago, three weeks ago, you would find nothing of personal information about me, so...anyway.

Now finally, arguments in favor of me not being a "n00b", "idiot", or "jackhole"...on first glance, I did think the video looked pretty convincing, I certainly wanted it to be true, I think it is well-produced for a hoax video, and I also think it's well researched if you look into any of the background information on the Tsunami City - it definitely was an ancient city, uncovered in that area by the tsunami. So, obviously someone's gone to a lot of trouble to make this video, and there's lots of theories as to why, and I intend to investigate it further, and I will definitely let you know when I reach a final conclusion. I'm not going to jump to any conclusions, because obviously I've already done that, and look where it got me. Well, actually, maybe jumping to conclusions is a good thing; I dunno.

But ultimately the best part is that this clearly has captured the public's imagination, and I feel like the positive response to my blog has been really exciting. I have gotten hits from literally around the world, so clearly I'm on to something. And I intend to continue my investigations; not just into the tsunami video but to other evidence of giants and myths and stories about giants around the world. So stick with me, even if I never get another video like this again. I will do my best to track down evidence to giants. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out all my archives and previous posts...excuse me, previous posts[2], because there's a lot of cool info on giants and it goes all the way back to January of this year.

And finally, I'd like to thank you for listening to my podcasts, for vising my blog, for your comments and emails.

This is Eric Belson signing off, for the Giantology podcast.

  1. Belson is referring to this news story, in which an enormous Burmese python burst open after swallowing an American alligator whole. Both the python and the alligator were found dead. (The python was also found decapitated, prompting many theories as to whether another alligator was involved.)
  2. The first time Belson says "posts", he drags the last part of the word out a split second too long for his liking, so he corrects himself.

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