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Dirge is the fan name given to the tenth colossus. This serpentine colossus moves through the loose sand in a gigantic cave in quadrant B4 of the Forbidden Lands.

Path to the colossus

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Shadow of the Colossus - 10th Colossus

Video - Dirge (path to and battle with)

Dirge is directly west of the Shrine of Worship. Travel across the west land bridge in quadrant F4 and across the Western Plain, staying near the cliffs. Use the sword when the terrain gets rougher; the player should end up on the north end of Dirge's cave. There is a place to save here if needed (for newcomers, it is advised, as this fight can prove challenging). Proceed into the cave, following the tunnels west. There is a large sand-filled room, and upon approaching the light in the middle of the room, Dirge's cutscene will play.


Agro is with Wander again, and she's even more crucial to this battle than the last. Dirge moves very quickly through the sand and can deliver a massive attack with its mouth if it catches up to Wander. If he is ever knocked off Agro, get back on as quickly as possible.

The method of defeating this colossus is tricky to execute. Dirge will chase Wander when he's riding around the arena on Agro; when it gets close enough, it will raise its gigantic eyes out of the sands right before it delivers the attack mentioned previously (if it does, quickly swerve to the left or right). The player must shoot one of its eyes before it has a chance to do so. Should one fail and be hit with Dirge's jump attack, they will take an extreme amount of damage, coming close to death. In this case, go to one of the big pillars, stand off of the sand, and recuperate health by crouching.

Keep Agro running at top speed while keeping the camera on the colossus (hold down L1.png). While these buttons are both held down, the player should be able to shoot one of Dirge's eyes with a little practice. Let Agro do the steering, and focus on aiming at one of the eyes. A direct hit will send the colossus into the nearest wall or pillar, exposing a climbable section of its back containing its two weakpoints. The player should be able to take one out completely before the colossus is able to dislodge itself. Repeat the process once more for the second weak spot.

Time Attack times in Original and PS3 versions (Normal, Hard): 6:00, 5:00
Time Attack times in PS4 Remake (Normal, Hard): 5:30, 4:30


Location Percentage of health
Normal Hard
On its back, near its head 50% 50%
On its back, near its tail 50% 50%
Eyes (2) Used to disorientate


Attack Damage (Normal) Damage (Hard) Description Demonstration
Devour 80 110 After a certain amount of time, or when near a wall, the colossus will jump out of the sand and try to devour the player. If shooting one of its eyes was unsuccessful, take a sharp turn with Agro when the colossus submerges. NargaDevour.gif
Trample 80 (Light hit)
110 (Hard hit)
110 (Light hit)
130 (Hard hit)
If on foot, or if Agro isn't running fast enough, the colossus will trample the player. NargaTrample.gif


Phase Plays in Music
Phase 1 Plays while Dirge tunnels around in the sand. A Messenger From Behind

Phase 2 Plays once Dirge crashes into the wall and is stunned. Counterattack


  • Dirge is the second of three limbless, serpentine colossi the player faces over the course of the game, the other two being Hydrus and Phalanx. It is also the third longest of these three and in fact all 16 colossi.
  • Dirge is the first colossus the player encounters that is seen jumping.
  • Dirge is the second of only three colossi that are fought underground, the others being Barba and Kuromori. Dirge is one of only two truly subterranean colossi, however; both it and Phalanx are able to burrow underground.
  • Dirge is the most westerly of all the colossi. On the map, Dirge's lair is in line with Avion (Dirge is in B4 while Avion is in H4; there are no other colossi in-between them), although the two are at completely opposite sides of the map. Putting Avion and Dirge in such positions may have been intentional, as the two are quite different from each other in a number of ways. Avion flies, lives above a lake close to the Shrine of Worship and is relatively peaceful until it is provoked. Dirge on the other hand lives underground in a cave within the sand far away from the Shrine of Worship and is probably one of the most aggressive colossi in the game.
  • Dirge is one of the fastest of all the colossi; it is able to keep up with Agro at full gallop without much effort.
  • Dirge seems to be the only colossus that genuinely hunts Wander. All other colossi simply try to batter and smash Wander, but Dirge pursues, leaps, and attempts to consume Wander. Outside of Hard Mode, Dirge also does the most damage in a single attack than any other colossus, almost enough to kill Wander.
  • Dirge is one of the furthest colossi from the central Shrine of Worship as the kite flies.
  • Dirge is one of three colossi that require the use of Agro to defeat it.
  • Dirge is the first of three colossi that have their own exclusive track heard whilst fighting them; the song "A Messenger From Behind" is unique to Dirge.
  • Dirge is one of only two colossi who has a mobile mouth; Avion is the other.
  • Dirge doesn't make a lot of vocal sounds; the most distinct noise it makes is when Wander stabs its weak point sigil, at which point it will let out a high-pitched, yelping whine, sounding a bit like a screeching tire. It also roars when it jumps.
  • Dirge's eyes are generally orange throughout the entire time in which they are visible. This is because, like all other colossi, the eyes are coded to change from blue to orange when the colossus is either attacked or is attacking, and since Dirge is constantly chasing Wander in an attempt to kill him, Dirge is considered by its in-game script to be attacking. However, on an extremely rare occasion, its eyes may turn blue for a brief moment. This will only happen when Dirge is brought to a wall or obstacle without jumping, in which case it will turn and burrow instead. If Wander happens to be in the direction Dirge is turning, the player may see Dirge's eyes turn blue, which in itself might not even happen. This means that Dirge's eyes are just like every other colossus' eyes; it's just that by the time the player sees them, they're orange.
  • From the location in which it is fought, Dirge is one of three colossi whose pillar of light when defeated cannot be seen in the game, with the other two being Barba and Kuromori.
  • Dirge's Dormin entry differs between the Japanese and American versions of the game. In the original Japanese release, Dormin's last line when speaking of Dirge was "Shake the earth with your friend...", which was changed to "Shaking the earth, its gaze is upon thee..." in the western release. The reason for this change is likely because it was very confusing for players.
  • There is a strange glitch with Dirge. When Dirge slams into a wall, if the player jumps onto it within a few seconds afterwards, Wander will take damage as if Dirge hit him. There is a way to avoid it, however, as Dirge's model shakes slightly after hitting a wall, but the shaking will eventually stop, which seems to be the indication that the glitch is "off".
  • Dirge's eyes on the map screen appear to be the brightest of all the colossi. This may be done on purpose, as its eyes are important in the battle.
  • Judging by their size versus Wander's, Dirge's eyes are the largest out of all of the other colossi's eyes, even larger than Malus'.
  • It is possible to glitch Dirge into flying up in the air for a few seconds. The player must use both the Cloak of Deception and the Whistling Arrows, stand just outside Dirge's arena (just outside of the battle area), and shoot Whistling Arrows at a wall in the cave, constantly. If the player keeps striking the same spot, Dirge will follow the arrows. When Dirge goes back into the ground, the player must follow Dirge as it is burrowing and then Dirge may (or may not) suddenly fly up into the air and might sometimes go up through the "roof" of the arena. Regardless of what Dirge does after flying, it will always come back into the ground after a moment.
  • It can be found odd that Dirge doesn't open its eyes until after it is already chasing Wander. When Wander loses Dirge around a corner, it only takes a few seconds for Dirge to find and chase him again, and it does this with its eyes closed. If Dirge is able to find Wander so easily with its eyes closed, it raises the question as to why Dirge opens its eyes at all.

  • Dirge's body used to be much skinnier than what it ended up becoming in the final version. This can be observed in some of its sketches and in the shadow model found in the Preview and earlier versions.
  • In an old screenshot seen in the gallery below, one may notice that Dirge's arena didn't always have a cave. Its arena was fully open, with the same rocks as in the final game.
  • According to the artbook's colossi nicknames interview, Dirge was blind. Its earlier version reacted to sound and had to be drawn into hitting one of the rock pillars seen in its arena.
    • This is further proved by Dirge's hints found in the E3 Demo version of the game. They are: "With the help of your friend, run!" and "The enemy can't even see the big rocks."
  • Dirge was the 12th colossus in the E3 Demo version. It was much more mobile and aggressive, being able to circle around the player, and its movement is more reminiscent of that of a snake. It also has no mandibles or mouth in this version, meaning it wasn't capable of leaping to try and eat Wander.
  • In the PSU Preview version of the game, each entrance of Dirge's cave features a giant tree. The one closer to the Lair to the West is the dead version seen in the final game (at the other side), and the one in the Lair on the Mesa is alive, with leaves in its branches, but they soon disappear after getting too close.
  • In the Preview version of the game, Dormin's original japanese introduction line was included, being mistranslated to read as "Along with its friend, it shakes the earth...", which spawned numerous false rumors about Dirge being originally meant to be fought alongside another colossus, whom was often said to be either Saru or Worm. As a matter of fact, the correct translation of the line was intended to be a hint that the player would need the help of Agro, their friend, to win this battle.
  • In the Preview version of the game, the theme "A Despair-filled Farewell" plays once Dirge crashes into the wall.


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