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Devil is one of the many colossi that were not used in the game.


Devil is a small colossus ranging from 4 to 5 meters of height. Its head is likely based on tribal masks, and seems to be a combination of the heads from its concept art; the overall shape of it being from the taller sketch, and its face being from the smaller one. Its wings are like those of a bat.


The artbook says, "It was the smallest colossus. You'd defeat it by menacing it with your bow, then drawing closer while hiding in the grass and attacking from behind. I imagined the battle with Devil to be fierce. You'd hide in the grass and jump on its back."

Of the information available in the artbook and PS3 sheet data, it's possible that the colossus would fly all over the arena until you menace it with your bow, forcing it to come down where Wander could have a slight chance of fighting it. After that, you would have to hide from it in the grass, and possibly behind the various pillars and ruins scattered around, jumping on its back by surprise while it is still searching for you.


Devil was fought at D2, named 'Devil's Plain', located next to Stone Arch Gorge. A large amount of evidence was found, including texture matches (with some being exclusive for these two areas), identical chip data and much more.[1]

It was originally speculated to be fought at H2, near the Beta Dam, but it has since been debunked.


  • The pillars seen in Devil's screenshots were not completely discarded. They are currently aligned on the pathway leading to the 14th colossus' cave entrance in C2.
  • The PS3 data sheets reveals that Devil could "glide".
  • Measuring Devil's screenshots closely, and comparing them to its sketches which describes it as (according to Ueda) "the smallest colossus", it's possible that Devil was around 4 to 5 meters.
  • The sketch designs of Devil seems to be holding what looks like a bow in their left hand and an arrow in their right. It's likely that this bow and arrow never left the concept stage as no indication of them exists in its screenshots or in the data sheets.
  • A model named "devil_test" was found in the files from the PS3 version. It is a rectangular box twice as tall as Wander and half of Devil's height. It has no textures and its collision model has grippable edges, making it possible to climb on top of it. There's a good change this object is related to another object named "devils_plain_tatemono", which texture segment has the same texture listed as a the "bricks" seen in one of Devil's screenshots.
    • The data sheets lists "devil_test" as one of the many objects present in a test area found inside the PS4 Remake and PS3 remaster's files known as "ATHRETIC". A damage test related to it named "DEVIL_DIVE_DAMAGE" suggests that the object was affected by Devil's dive (or glide) attack in some way, similar to the ruins in the 14th colossus' arena when they are hit by it.
  • Popular rumors have arosen claiming that the soundtrack "Anger" was supposed to play during the battle with this colossus. These rumors are not likely to be true however, as the music can be heard in the opening cutscene when Wander places Mono on the altar in old gameplay footage.


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  1. | Compilation of evidence found by the Stage 0 Team in order to prove Devil's location.