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Cursed Wander Skin
is an item which will change Wander's appearance after using it. The cursed skin is the same as what Wander has in the ending scene: Dirty clothes, pale skin, darker hair, and blue eyes (colossus eyes) will be his new appearance. Also, a pair of small horns and dark markings will appear on his head and his face. Besides that, this item will not give the player any extra ability; it is simply a visual aesthetic.

Dormin says the following upon retrieving the item:

That is the 'Curse of the Colossus'... By using it, thou shalt resemble one in service of Dormin...

Connection to Unused Colossus Riddle

In his July 30th, 2011 post , NomadColossus posted the text of an unused riddle that Dormin was, at one point, supposed to tell Wander before he encountered the first Colossus. It reads:  "A giant that walks along the valley... The servant shall rise from behind and make the earth quiver..."

Dying Wander
While some see this as Dormin referring to Valus as the 'servant,' NomadColossus points out that 'servant' might actually refer to Wander. He writes, "I believe that the "servant" refers to wander as it doesnt make any sense the colossus being the servant, who does the colossus have to serve? Secondly I believe the make the earth shake part can be taken either literally or figuratively. Literally being the death of colossi as when they die they fall and shake the ground a tremendous amount. Figuratively being the evil and changes wander releases upon the world by unwittingly doing dorman's bidding and freeing him which can cause catastrophic damage to the world because [Dormin] is so powerful." 

The words Dormin uses to describe the Skin are very akin to the words he (would have) used to describe Wander's pursuit of Valus. In both instances he describes Wander as being 'a servant' or as being 'in service' of Dormin. Though the phrases are fascinating, I beleive the first riddle was omitted because it would have spilled the beans too early for players if they were not already suspecting something. The reason why Dormin is able to speak this way about Wander following his aquisition of the Skin is because the player has already played through the game at least once. 

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