The first couch encountered in the game.

In Ico, numerous stone couches can be found at regular intervals inside and outside the castle. They are the only means by which the player can save the game.

In order to save, both Ico and Yorda must sit on the couch together. If Ico sits down while Yorda is nearby, she will automatically sit down with him. There are times when Yorda cannot reach the couches until Ico figures out a way for her.

After Ico is separated from Yorda during their run across the castle's bridge, the game cannot be saved. The final path to the Queen is a long one, complete with lengthy puzzles, fights, and events, so make sure to set aside some time to complete this section of the game.

Location in the Castle

Ico V2

There are 14 couches found in the whole castle. There's also one other save point at the very end of the game, but not using a couch.

  1. Old Bridge
  2. Trolley 1
  3. Trolley 2
  4. Crane
  5. Main Gate
  6. Graveyard
  7. Windmill
  8. Stone Pillar
  9. East Area
  10. East Reflector
  11. Waterfall
  12. Gondola
  13. Water Tower
  14. West Idol Stairs
  15. Sand Beach (not a couch, simply a save point)

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