• Majuto the hyena

    I feel like somebody should make a wiki page for the second trico. Since she’s pretty major in the story (the armoured trico that our trico fights, presumably trico’s Mate) I feel like she should have her own wiki page. But I’m awful at creating wiki pages so...

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  • HappyIphisAria

    An excerpt of my blog post "'Shadow of the Colossus: Roar of the Earth' Original Soundtrack"

    While many of these themes are fast-paced and pounding, such as A Farewell to Despair, others are slow and ominous, like the restrained and delicate Silence. With such a wide dynamic range in mood and volume, I personally group Shadow‘s battle themes into four categories, these being: 1) fight, 2) triumph/thrill, 3) horror, and 4) solemnity.

    The first category of battle theme, ‘fight’ is characterized by a sense of Wander on one side and the Colossus on the other, both wrestling and countering each other. The original Japanese does better than the translated English “Battle with the Colossus” in that the original word ‘fight‘ conveys a more personal, …

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  • HappyIphisAria

    Here is a select list of Posts and Pages from by blog Ueda's Trilogy.

    Hello and Welcome!  (Home/Main Page)

    All Posts

    • The Design of Companionship
    • When Thunder Comes
    • Giants Walk the Earth: A Look at ‘Shadow of the Colossus’
    • What Is TeamICO?
    • A Majestic World: The Soundtracks of Fumito Ueda
    • Pages Containing Content
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  • Tephra

    Fandom Discord

    July 5, 2019 by Tephra

    Hey everyone, there is now an official Discord server for Fandom/Gamepedia!

    This is an additional point of contact for Fandom staff and other editors who you can ask for assistance with editing or other wiki-related subjects.

    In order to join, you must do the following:

    1. Have a Discord account set up ahead of time
    2. Add your Discord user ID into your Fandom profile masthead
    3. Join at
    4. Follow the #verification process on the server

    This server is for registered editors, admins, Wiki Team, and Staff. Users without registered accounts on Fandom or Gamepedia are not allowed here.

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  • HappyIphisAria

    I really enjoy a good fan theory, especially when there isn't an "official" theory published by the creators. However, I've been dissatisfied with so many of the ones out there (for Shadow of the Colossus) so, I decided to write my own. You can find it here . 

    It contains everything from when Wander holds his sword to, sound effects to, dialogue choice to, changes in the weather. Big elements such as the purpose of the Colossi and, whether or not Dormin was actually the one who resurrected Mono, are all explained in-detail and without contradiction. It is even consistent with Fumito Ueda's personall views on the story. 

    Come check it out and I hope you enjoy!

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  • Tephra

    New Wiki Manager

    May 11, 2019 by Tephra

    Hi! My name is Tephra, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager for the Team Ico Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

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  • ColdRamenTPM

    This wiki's administration has recently become inactive and continues not to do their jobs adequately. Spam pages have been created without proper removal, and pages with grammatical and structural pages are locked to those who might help. If the current group of admins does not awaken from their months long, and, in some cases, years long slumber then I fully intend to do what they will not. Administrators, I give you a week to continue doing your jobs properly or I will apply to take up the supervision of this wiki that I know it deserves.

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  • S.coastapps

                                                  Whitepaper · Website · Telegram · Medium · Twitter · Facebook


    Kakushin Ecosystem (KES) creates a synergized place for different audiences that did not interact before, such as inventor, innovators, product designers, manufacturers, technology and innovation enthusiasts, patent holders, creators of ICO and cryptocurrency projects and their backers, or creators of classical crowdfunding campaigns and their backers who have never dealt with cryptocurrencies before, authors of their projects and experienced army of advisors, moderators, designers, translators and other specialists all over the World. 

    Kakushin Ecosystem is a trading platform to maintain cash flow and easy conversion of funds an…

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  • ColdRamenTPM

    Are there any plans to update the pictures across the wiki for fidelity or should they remain as they are for novelty’s sake?

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  • Unknow0059

    This is all not relevant to this wikia. It shouldn't be here.

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  • Spookiest

    My theory is that the horned children from the past two games (Shadow of the Colossus & Ico) were turned into these griffin like beasts, stripped of their humanity, still retaining their most prominent trait. How, i'm still thinking of, I'll update if I can. The species itself is then given back a bit of their own human traits by giving the strange deity at the top of the tower human sacrifices and giving the creatures the essence which revitalizes them and makes them a bit more cooperative. They can live without the essence, but it makes them all the more extraordinary and useful when they do use it. Back to the giving back their humanity, remember in SOTC how Wander was the "first" horned child? What if Trico is a descendant of Wander? A…

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  • Freezeblade7997

    The last guardian?

    August 26, 2015 by Freezeblade7997

    so hello everyone...something just hit me on the head or something, heres what I meant.

    You know Trico? that huge griffin from the last guardian,if you look at the pictures, then you find skeletal versions of a griffin, this implies that the griffins were guardians of the ruins before something or someone came and killed all of them but spared Trico. Also for all who played or watched the games, you know that the world is massively religious and also highly corrupt.With jerks like lord Emon and the fact that Ico,s parents left him just because he had horns.also that one kid...I guess that the forces of the Dark queen still lives on,albeit much weaker.Looking for that kid because they know that if he releases the last guardian there civillis…

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  • EmberSynth

    A Short Post

    March 25, 2015 by EmberSynth

    I sent Ueda fan mail. I'm scared.

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  • Jellyguy

    Somebody else wrote a very similar post about the same thing; expect to see some of the same things as on there. However, this is my own spin and will have more and different things.

    But anyway, this is a list of what 'the Last Guardian' really needs to have in it. GO!

    • Good Graphics.

    =========Well, duh, you say. But remember, this game has been in development since the PS2. I've seen some games suffer from the "started-work-on-an-old-console-then-changed-to-the-next-gen-halfway-through" sydrome, as I so cleverly named it. I just think that this game has to be - if not amazing - at least good enough to compete with other games coming out at the same time. In an artistic game, visuals are everything.

    • Open World

    =========Shadow of the Colossus had…

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  • Golden Specter

    Wiki Adoption

    July 12, 2013 by Golden Specter

    Hi everyone :)
    As a fan of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, I would like to become an admin and bureaucrat of the Team Ico wiki.
    I'll improve the wiki, especially on the technical aspect (templates, etc.) where it actually have been always good.
    I've heavily changed the Franchise template and unified the 3 general templates (Ico, SotC & TLG), and I've done lot of cleaning and adding info, infobox, etc. I hope to do more and to bring much more fans here!
    And of course, I hope to hear new info about The Last Guardian soon (August?).
    Thanks :)
    --Golden Spectertalk 20:46, July 12, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Frank West: Photojournalist

    If you want an explanation, click here.

    Hey, wouldn't it be cool if, in "The Last Guardian", there was a cameo from Ico, or if Trico had the ability to shoot flames, well that's why this list exists, to make a central place for all of our ideas, so lets dive in.

    1. An open world to explore.
    2. A similar control scheme to "SotC".
    3. A story that not only bridges the gap between "SotC" and "Ico", but a fitting end to the "Ico" storyarch.
    4. Alot of ways to manually interact with "Trico", like petting him, or having him chase you, or feeding him barrels...
    5. Stealth.
    6. The ability to take weapons from guards, weren't you ticked when you couldn't take the crossbow from that knight in "SotC"?

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