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Arena is the developer name given to the arena of the third colossus.


This circular canopy floats on the shore of a lake. The only thing peculiar at the top of the canopy is a circular plate at the center, where the colossus must swing down its sword, breaking its armor. The surrounding border is lower than where Gaius can walk on, so if you move to this location, the Colossus will not see you. Even if you fall into the lake by mistake, the game will not be over, so you can move around in peace.


The arena is located near the north of the Forbidden Lands, next to Stone Arch Gorge and the Ravine Entrance, at quadrant E2.


  • The theme Lakeside plays when first finding the arena.
  • In the Preview version of the game, the circular place at the center of the Arena has a mirror-like property.
  • Around the time of the E3 Demo build and earlier, the end of the bridge leading up to the Arena was not broken, and used to connect to the top without the need for jumping.
  • An early version of the Arena by the time Wander's hair was redder featured massive towers that, like Dormin states in Gaius' intro dialogue, soared to the heavens. A line of code found in the sheet data named ">ST06A_TOWER_DAMAGE<" might imply that these towers were destroyable.
    • This may not relate to the towers seen in old images at all, but instead two objects called "Tower_A" and "Tower_B". Both use "sz_moyou" textures which are used primarily on Gaius' model suggesting they were related. Both towers are also split into many parts meaning they were likely very large and could be destroyed, possibly by Gaius. It is unknown how the towers were used in the fight.
  • An even earlier version of the Arena by the time Wander's vest was blue used to be more expansive and desert-like. it also featured multiple plates all around it.


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