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• 2/11/2019

Praey for the gods

I don't think this is particularly off topic, since this game takes a lot of inspiration from shadow of the colossus, Praey for the gods is a mix of breath of the wild and shadow of the colossus, but in the arctic and the Gods have multiple ways to beat them, so far there are only 5 of them, although I'd say each makes up the quality of 2 colossi, aside from the second God, that one if a pile of crap, and if you do end up deciding to pick up Praey for the Gods then check out Giarc119 and mines wiki for it:

Praey For The Gods Wiki
Praey For The Gods Wiki @getfandom
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• 12/2/2018

Colossi Ranking From Most Favorite to Least Favorite

Hello, don't know if this have been posted already but i'd like to make a list of the colossi from best to worst and the reasons why.

1- Phaedra (Battle strategy for this one, plus one of the tallest ones and coolest looking)

2- Kuromori (LOVED it's location and battle, very aggressive)

3- Avion (Just riding it while it was flying and turning around was enough)

4- Gaius (One of the most impressive ones, loved the strategy and cool design)

5- Barba (Loved the battle location)

6- Argus (Tough one, battle location)

7- Malus (Most impressive encounter, challenging)

8- Hydrus (Battle location, electricity power)

9- Basaran (Very tricky, aggressive)

10 - Pelagia (Coolest design, cool battle strategy, it's lightning beam power)

11- Phalanx (It's design, immense size, and battle location)

12- Valus (Cool design and battle)

13- Cenobia (Best battle location and strategy)

14- Dirge (It's aggressiveness, battle)

15- Celosia (It's design, because resembles that of a feline)

16- Quadratus (Very massive in size)

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• 8/14/2018

How to edit?

Hey guys! I wasn’t looking through the articles and saw some that I could add information to (with citations). However, I was unable to find out how to edit it. Maybe it’s just because I’m on my phone. Anyone know anything about this?
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• 5/28/2018

Looking for Ico Runic Subtitle Cards

I've been trying to find as much of the Runic language and most of the cards were never used in the final release. Does anyone have all of these subtitle cards or could you please point me to a place that would have them. All my google searches have failed to give me anything meaningful.
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• 5/23/2018

The 15th collossus

Hi pls can someone pls help?
I have slaine 14 colossuses,I go to the location of the 15th edge of arena where he is suppose to climb up on,he does not show.What have I not done?
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• 2/22/2018

The Horn found in the "basement" of the Shrine of Worship.

Anyone know what this could be? Just a fun little Easter Egg? Only asking due to Nomad Colossus recently putting out a video showing what seems to be Lord Emon casting a horn into the pool to seal Dormin instead of the Ancient Sword (possibly from an early version of the game?).
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• 2/6/2018

SotC Remaster quality

Does the PS4 remaster of Shadow of the Colossus do the original justice?
‘Shadow of the Colossus’ Review: Becoming the Monster
‘Shadow of the Colossus’ Review: Becoming the Monster FANDOM
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• 1/17/2018

Really stunning, isn't it?
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• 10/18/2017

2010 Trailer

Does anyone know what song plays during this trailer? Just curious.
It's definitely not from Millers Crossing like the 2009 trailer. And I couldn't find it anywhere on the wikia.
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• 10/12/2017

favorite colossus

what is your favorite colossus? please leave me a comment telling me!
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• 12/11/2017

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• 1/3/2017

Just found an amazing link between Last Guardian and Ico Universe

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Hey guys, I just got a close print of the badge of honor, and got to say that I'm astonished by it. If you remember, Ico had a language of its own, composed of several runes that could be translated. And this is clearly a rune from Ico (see chart for reference).

Badge of Honor Runic language The rune that I saw was the S rune, which resembles a shower. Interestingly enought, when I googled the badge, I got this screenshot.
If you look at the chart yourselves, you will see that it is the N rune. The rune changes! So it either depends on the player or it is a secret message, that is unveiled as you progress the game. Maybe it is even related to the shield-mirror thing, or the number of barrels that you consume. I have tried a couple of things so far with no success, so I can only guess. Undoubtedly, it is a direct connection to the Ico universe and consequently it is the same universe as Shadow of Colossus as well, which is pretty amazing. I do believe that there is a secret message to it. What are you guys thoughts about it?
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• 5/10/2016

Shadow of the Colossus Fact Account

Hey people of the SotC community!
I know not many people, if not any, read this, yet I still wanted to give a try. For those of you who have twitter (I guess most of you) you can go check out my new account @SotCFacts which, if you haven't guessed by the title and account name, is an account which every day or two I'll post a fact in spanish and english about SotC and from time to time about Team Ico and Ico.
I hope you all check it out!
Yours truly, Azazel
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• 10/25/2015

Phaedra (Shadow of the Collosus)

Guys, can you help to on how to defeat that Colossi?
I am trying to defeat him for a while, I whistled and shot an arrow while hiding but he just ignore me. How do I exactly catch his attention?
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• 8/17/2015

The future of wander...

Hello, people of the universe! I have some wander lore for you guys, or should I say... Ico!
After turning wander into a horned infant, mono acts like a caring mother to wander, and gives him a new name: Ico. Over time they start to re-grow the forbidden lands with plants and animals. After a while, Argo dies (horses dont live forever, i know, sad story, #SaveTheAgro) Ico finds a way out. Enraged by her son's betrayal, she becomes starts to tear their home-the shrine-brick by brick. Eventually she finds a fragment of dormin ad she makes a deal with dormin. If she helps restore his power, she becomes the great ruler. Meanwhile, Ico has escaped and Found Trico, a beast in the bordring forests. The last guardian stuff happens and Then the horned boy is captured by the soldiers and rescues mono's new daughter. Its a little iffy, but I like it.
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• 2/14/2014

Meaning of "Eye" ( I ) in Yorda's Language.

As a student of Simplified Chinese I think your assumption of the Eye in the letter I is quite right because Eye in Simplified Chinese is 眼 which pronuonciation is quite close to "Ién".
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• 12/14/2013

Why does Wander kill the Colossi?

Just as the discussion title asks,
Why is Wander killing the Colossi?
Who are the mystic voices from above? Gods?
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• 11/21/2013

We want our comments back!

Recently, somebody changed the format of this wiki. Before, at the bottom of each page was a place where you could comment. We (anybody who was on this wiki) had formed, or at least started to form, a small community. This was fun! However, one day I went on the wiki to find a bunch of new comments (some of witch were direct responces to thing I had said). But I couldn't read them! Sometime inbetween when these people posted their comments and I acctually tried to check them out, somebody changed the format! I know that different Wikis have different formats, with most bigger wikis sticking with the Forum/Talkpage format, but lets be honest: this isn't that big of a wiki. There are like five guys who acctually do stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love this wiki. But thats why I want the comments back. So whoever changed the format to how is, please, change it back! We want our comments back!
P.s. Sorry if I came across as rude. Really, there's nothing I hate more than stupid "nerd rage". But this is something I actually want, and how will anyone know if I don't put up here?
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• 11/10/2013

Backstory of the Colossi

This idea has popped in my mind some time ago and I decided to share it.
What is the backstory of the Colossi?
A lot of people I know who play Shadow of the Colossus don't care but I do. What could the backstory of the Colossi be? What are they doing in the Forbidden Lands? Why are they there?
My theory is this:
A long time ago, the land of men was endangered by a large species of creatures. To protect themselves, men's most powerful mages used ancient runic magic to enchant the 20 swiftest, strongest and most powerful creatures in the land to protect them. These creatures grew to humongous sizes and gained runic armor. They were completely invincible to humans except for a few flaws in the enhancements. Sigils, these flaws were called. This way the Colossi were born.
The Colossi battled and defeated the creatures that endangered mankind. Now that men did not require the aid of the Colossi they attempted to destroy them, seeing them as dumb creatures. However, because of the enhancements the Colossi became much more than just the dumb creatures they were before. They had become wise creatures. The same mages who had created the Colossi created 3 magic swords that were able to destroy the Colossi by striking their Sigils. The Colossi found out and became enraged. The Colossi defended themselves fiercly but despite their attempts to defend themselves the humans managed to kill 4 of them. The Colossi destroyed 2 of the magic swords but decided to flee the land of mankind for their kind's sake. They fled to the Forbidden Lands, together with a small society of people who still believed that the Colossi were important and shouldn't be killed.
The Colossi spread to different parts of the Forbidden Lands along with some of their worshippers. Their leader, Malus, decided to go to the southern-most part of the Forbidden Lands and wanted the gateway to his area to be locked so that the Colossi's leader couldn't be killed. The worshippers build large buildings and temples in order to live in the Forbidden Lands.
Hundreds of years passed and the worshippers slowly but steady became extinct. The Colossi, however, were eternal. The last living worshipper, a powerful mage named Dormin, turned himself into pure dark essence. He then went and spread his essence to all of the Colossi and before the Colossi found out what happened it was to late. Dormin's essence was spread and thereby Dormin became immortal as well. The Colossi agreed to never trust men again, as even their most loyal worshipper turned against them in the end.
Then a young man showed up, a young man named Wander. Wielding the last magic sword forged to slay the Colossi. Easy to say, the Colossi quickly became enraged to see a human again. One wielding the blade that took the lives of 4 of them.
However, because Malus was locked away, he didn't notice the essence of Dormin flowing through him. Neither did he know about agreement to not trust humans anymore or did he know about the death of the other 15 Colossi.
When, after hundreds of years, a young human showed up at his gates Malus awoke again. First thinking of him as an intruder he decided to toy with him, using a bit of his immense power in the form of simple energy blasts. But when the young human showed enough courage to confront him, to climb him. Malus decided that he was interesting and maybe worth talking to. But before Malus could speak to him, the young man started to stab him. Hitting his only weakness with the one sword left that was able to kill him.
With the last of his powers, Malus cursed the young man. Cursing him so that his appearance would match his evilness, to kill such an old and wise creature without hesitation.
And now, after hundreds of years. The tale of the Colossi has ended.
I personally would be interested in a game being released about the battle between the Colossi and the mysterious creatures. A game in which the back-story of the Colossi would be explained or something. Tell me how you think about the story and what your suggestions are.
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• 10/29/2013

The Girl and the Robot (Ico inspired game)

Hello!I'm an indie designer and I wanted to let you know about a new indie game that we are currently making and that was heavily inspired by Ico.It's an action/adventure game about a little girl trying to escape from an evil castle. The gameplay consist of switching between the two avatars in order to defeat enemies, clear puzzles and progress inside the castle.
I also wanted to let you know that our Kickstarter page is finally online!Please visit us and thank you for your support:Kickstarter Page

You can check the progress blog HEREPlease tell me what you think and give me your advises.
Thank you!
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